“Just Me”

"Pathway To The Outside" by LilyDay Darkstone

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” Just Me”
inspired by the painting “Pathway To The Outside”
for LilyDay Darkstone the artist

Painful birth, the happiness was inside, upside down,
masking as a growing sadness,
yet hope is what my heart did feed on.
Enlarged beyond science,
so many lessons that led to pain, disillusionment,
compassion ultimately deepening and re-thumping its shape,
until it grew beyond the possible.

Who was throwing these love gifts?
Were they thrown in everyone’s direction, or only to me? I asked.
So many soul-mates washed up on my shores,
so many solitary docks waving them off into the night,
my heart tipped  like an overloaded ferry,
listing to the loving side yelling,
“Climb on.. I have room for more”

Aching when it broke,
filling back in when the hope shown through
no longer fitting on my sleeve,
I waddled with it on my chest
building hope nests that stretched the walls.
It made me sigh sometimes…made me cry sometimes.
Days it  beat so  loudly, I thought I might have died,
and blue birds sprung out of the light,
taking pieces of me with them in their flight.

Dizzy as a spinning night,
my heart just kept getting bigger,
regenerating  in  rhythmic pulsations by saying “yes” to everyone and everything.
“Yes I think I know you… but let me  see a little  more..”
“Oh I dreamed I had been here with you before”
“Just keep it coming I have room or…
I could build a new chamber for you to lay by me.”
Crackling ribs being pushed aside growing on the outside,
shooting roots back into my softness,
starving metastases, they begin to take  over.
Swollen, open, glowing, my heart is now a large parlor that seats infinity.
Is there any reason all who look for love can’t find a place in me?

Karima Hoisan
Jan. 5 2011
Virtual Art Gallery Linc Island SL

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1 Response to “Just Me”

  1. I have known LilyDay Darkstone and her very unique work for more than two years..We were at one time both active residents of New Toulouse and shared the New Orleans 1920’s fantasy together as neighbors and “gang members”
    No one else paints like LilyDay. In her way, her art is a bit like my poetry, primitive emotional and at times using whimsy and subtlety to show the world deep emotional truths… battles won and lost. I have never seen anyone elicit such strong responses and reflections in myself as she can. She uses flat almost moon-faced characters who cry out, and speak in very three dimensional ways..I am always amazed at her art. I have collected her works over the years and this one is the latest I have acquired. I invite all to visit her small gallery in New Toulouse and see more for yourself..


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