"If I find my lightness, I go tonight"

I invite you to listen to some “Vivaldi” while you read the poem


Let me rise away
higher than the atmosphere,
the conic dome of black -arched stratosphere,
I leave it all behind
and up I rise and rise.

Down there are stagnant things,
lines that resist and depress.
If I find my lightness I go tonight.
Unpacking everything is how I pack,
I don’t look back as I leave it far below.

Can’t take a thing if I want to go up.
Gravity is denied only to the weightless.
I go this way, weightless,
like in the womb before I came.
I leave the salty residue of one million tears,
You know, I could never get off the ground,
not even with ten held inside...
I throw all the heavy things out over my edge
and up I rise and rise.

Karima Hoisan
© 2007 Karima Hoisan

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2 Responses to Up!

  1. jan says:

    I absolutely LOVE this poem……Angels find words through you!!!


  2. Oh Jan, I think the angels inspire me through my true friends who allow my poetry to enter inside. You know you are one of those:)


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