Sangfroid Sea

Angry Sea by Malana Claringbould

Angry Sea by Malana Claringbould

Click on this .mp3 link, Sangfroid Sea at Circe’s.mp3 to hear me recite it live to original music at Circe’s New Poet’s Sanctuary Feb.23rd.

Sangfroid Sea

It Roars…a flash flood of blood
A stomp, two stomps,  blue-black clouds wrenching in a storm
A gale force of pounding, breakers breaking
armies of horse- backed riders, no remorse

all the planes crash landing
barbed wire strung across the gate.
land mines like strings of firecrackers

kaboom ‘n pump kaboom

“Appease me with your willingness

plant flowers in the muddy puddle
make a trellis of blue morning glories
each barb will let a flower climb
each flower will soothe an angry mind
bend over backwards until you are a flag
that twists and dances to a brutal gale
then take a photo, make a memory of me,
uprooting trees and churned up seas.”

That wicked passion makes the blood collide
sucks up the Moon and drains the Tides..
I tried to pack,
I threw my suitcase to the waves,
but left my heart behind.
So hard to lay alone upon the shore

when it all keeps
pumping pumping pumping
so hard to smooth the jagged sharp
the broiling surf abyss,  
cloud banks are robbed
and rolling in…

kaboom ‘n pump kaboom

Its almost like a dose of saintly sanity,
to feel this madness striking sparks,
and thoughts are flints and all begins to
make them strike upon a heart turned stone
upon a heart going cold,
the fire grows fed by the blood of Empires
that flammable respect that bursts and roars


kaboom ‘n pump kaboom

No tears tonight that turn an ocean silvery light
no little drops of perfect, in the messed-up harmony
Crashing o’er a trellis pedaling flowers to the sky
although withered still with life. It’s still with life!
pounded, battered and stared down,
by a monstrous sangfroid sea.

Karima Hoisan
Feb.19, 2013
Hidden Beach, LINC Island

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10 Responses to Sangfroid Sea

  1. daleinnis says:

    Such amazing dark energy… I love the suggestion that the fiery madness is akin to saintly sanity, the clarion that life is also fire and roaring and blood…


  2. Thanks Dale…someone asked me, “Where did this come from?” I can only answer..”Who knows?” some dark currents overhead perhaps? I pulled them into words..I let it wash over me, and this was what I could scavenge off the beach. I am so glad you liked it..:)


  3. Nat says:

    Very very powerful images like the last day on earth.
    The powerful sea awakes in a huge wave in blood red painted from the rising sun, spites out hordes of riders with spear and sword and things, fulfilling the revenge of nature.
    And you you little child of the earth, standing here on this small pier, awaiting the power of the gods. judgement day. Accomplished by the mother of the sea

    That are someof the images I saw while reading it 🙂

    So awesome and weird! I love it!
    Thank you Karima


    • Wow Nat, what visualizations! I love how you change my poetry into imagery…I guess that is why we make movies together so prolifically:):) I am thinking about writing a piece of music for this one, to perform it soon.. Who knows if it might not be a short little “carrot” that will dangle temptingly asking to be made into a quick surreal film:) Very interesting end-of -days scenery you envisioned:) Thank you for letting yourself get caught up in the wave:)


  4. Spiral Silverstar says:

    Wow, Karima! Such a powerful piece, and yes it does create some amazing mental images. Bravo!


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  6. Hoyt Heron says:

    I wish I could watch a movie, view a work of art and create such an opaque, mysterious masterpiece as this! You are talented amiga mia!!!


  7. Full of energy…mmmm, I like that! Got the sense like when I first stuck toes in the waves of an ocean; felt good near the shorelines, but you could look at at a seemingly calm ocean and just FEEL the power that belies it’s strength. Keep painting in prose forever, Sissy – we all love what we ‘see’ (smiles).


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