The Soul-Infused

It all began with you…..

The Soul-Infused

It all began with you… my love, my ghost upon the pane.
Once a heart is cracked in two, nothing stays the same.
Anything is possible, when the insane are labeled sane.
When we feel the dead world calling to us from their tombs,
we fly to meet them one more time, in ceremonial rooms.

They whisper to us in drunken beds, how they miss us too.
How they wait to lie close by our side, if we can just break through,
and when I hear you calling out, I’m but a wish that it were true.
I leave the solid shapes that shape me and my world behind,
and answer your insistent plea, once more to be entwined.

Do I fear I will not return again from your haunting, death’s embrace?
Really, who am I?… and my return? What difference does it make?
My pain was pushed so deep inside, I saw other people wear your face,
and now my own, and everything is changing, right before our eyes.
So I am new and not so new, and I’m still here, the soul-infused of my disguise.

Karima-Kareem Hoisan
Rest In Peace LINC Island SL
May 24, 2013

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7 Responses to The Soul-Infused

  1. texaspk says:

    This is a beautiful poem
    Linda Abuelghanam


  2. Ahleen! wa shokran habibity Linda:)


  3. daleinnis says:

    Such deep places you take us to… always from your own experience, but always universal, too.


  4. Thank you dale..for always seeming to find your way down..and yet see clearly 🙂


  5. Tube/Ron says:

    It is good you can talk about your dear friend you lost from this world. Your words do honor her as well as you. Your precisely crafted poetry is as fine a tribute to her as you can make, I think. You both are blessed. It is wrenching to read, but the integrity says it all. Well done, Karima/Kareem.


  6. Thank you so much Tube for your understanding and your non-stop support of my work. You have lived and understood my poetry and this poet, like few others. It means a lot, your words on this one.


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