More Mardi Gras Fun in New Toulouse!

Sooo, after the parade we had a great dance at Kari’s Bar and Dance with RoseDrop Rust up on stage crooning his tunes, and delighting the reveling Taloosters who just kept on going and going! Luckily, a few people had the presence of mind to take some shots (other than of whiskey:) and I share them with you here. Thank you RoseDrop for your great set and thank you Nat and Dale for sending these pictures..

Nat and Karima warm up the stage for RoseDrop!

Nat and Karima warm up the stage for RoseDrop!

Nat and her faboo shadows

One of Nat’s  faboo shadow shots


so green…..


Taloosters boogie to the sounds..


Dale, Karima and Hoyt grooving to RoseDrop


Pazzo erected himself a statue mid dance:)




The Magnificent…Shesa!



Gorgeous Gamma

Gorgeous Gamma with our mayor doing a dip


Dance and be Merry!


Party! Party! Party!

I will include here now some miscellaneous photos that Dale took from the parade to the party in the park, and then on to Kari’s.


Oh what that poor bird-watching mayor is missing!!



Party in the Park

Party in the Park




Party at Kari’s on the Dock!

Thanks again to Nat and Dale for capturing these wonderful memories.
Let The Good Times Roll!

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3 Responses to More Mardi Gras Fun in New Toulouse!

  1. daleinnis says:

    Yay, pictures! I am glad some of mine were useful, I never seem to have time to do anything with them myself. 🙂 The club is really woven into the New Toulouse culture!


  2. Thank you for your pictures Dale and even more for your participation in all our Mardi Gras activities. Yes, the club is so New Taloo:)


  3. Was a great event, eeehm mean was a GREAT EVENT! I love that Mardi Gras things 🙂


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