Paradise Lost…a Priceless Gift Found in Second Life

I’m going to gush once again about the amazing creativity that can be found in Second Life. I know a few of my readers are not Slers, so I turn my attention towards you, and tell you, when it comes to shared experiences, Paradise Lost at The Basilique in SL is beyond anything you could experience in Real Life, yet you are really immersed and part of this amazing production. You will be moved, (I was many times in  tears for its beauty) you will be amazed by the sets, the coordination of the parts into an artistic whole, the music, the actors, the scenes changing in seconds before your eyes, the beautiful animations, movement and dance, and most of all the feeling of performing while watching. I found this last part to be so very dreamlike. Today when I awoke, I remembered scenes of it as if I had dreamed them. Sometimes I was dancing, or sitting back in the audience enthralled, mesmerized, and enchanted. Magic! It was magical, and so very worth the price of the ticket (1000L) and the wait to find a show not yet sold out.

Just us angels milling around at home before we went to the theater

Just us angels milling around at my poetry parlor before we went to the theater

I went with Shesa and Gamma (from Le Cirque Nuit) and Dale, who took these amazing photos I will place below. I will not say more than, please buy a ticket and experience this for yourselves. Canary Beck and Harvey Crabsticks are the ambitious and brilliant creators of this show. I will steer you to Canary’s blog for more information, and how to get tickets. Just don’t think twice..and for you who wander on the fringes of Second Life, time to get an avatar and come in and be absorbed in this unique and wonderful experience. Really….really…and here come the photos for your admiration and delight.
Please check out this official “Blog about Paradise Lost” by clicking on the hyperlink.
Thank you again Dale for these great photographic memories, I only include about 1/4 of the photos taken! Hopefully Dale will make his own post with them all:) Enjoy! and go see it. I got tickets to see it again end of May:) Hurry!

The audience assembles

The audience assembles


ahh how we danced!

ahh how we danced!

Just like in reality..humanity: a little angelic a little devilish

Just like in reality..humanity: a little angelic / a little devilish.




There was so much to much going on


Great shot Dale!

Great shot Dale!



The Creator took a chance when he created Humanity



and there we were..graceful parts of the whole…




Adam: part of creation now




Beautiful animations and dance moves



The Creator…creates




Love this view



The First couple



The innocence of Adam and Eve



So very there…



The Dance of Flames



Impressive and Powerful Avatars


Banished  from Paradise

Banished from Paradise



Locked out of Paradise..then the rains came



Gorgeous Avatars



Moses in the basket of reeds



Leaving Egypt





The Crucifixtion


The Final Curtain Call applause..Bravo...Applause

The Final Curtain Call


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6 Responses to Paradise Lost…a Priceless Gift Found in Second Life

  1. Becky says:

    Reblogged this on The Basilique and commented:
    Another great review of Paradise Lost in Second Life.


  2. Shesa Quandry says:

    Gamma and I had a wonderful time with Karima and Dale at the Lost Paradise show. The costumes were fun. Turning on RLv for the first time ever, so the venue could change our costumes and animate us during the show, was a little scary… but it all went off without incident. The story is epic, no less than the Bible itself. The performers were wonderful. I found myself camming constantly to “find” the scenes as they move to various parts of the Basilique, and zooming to find the action within the scenes… then back to the audience, to see what “we” were up to. They could certainly benefit from the “hands free” camera control used in Le Cirque de Nuit which tracks the action for you. That would also let them add interstitial scenes to fill the lengthy intermissions. Still, it was wonderfully done and very enjoyable. Thank you so much, Karima, for asking us to attend with you and Dale. Hugs!


    • Shesa Quandry says:

      Oh geez! I forgot to thank Dale for these marvelous pictures!! You’re such a sweetheart. ;o) Thank you hon!


      • daleinnis says:

        awwww, ty! 🙂 And sorry it took me so long to respond; I am woefully behind in all of my web reading, even Karima’s weblog. I am fortunate (touch wood) to have a computer that doesn’t usually crash when taking pictures! And there were so many good opportunities at this performance.


  3. Thank you Shesa!! What fun that was indeed..and you know I agree that the “hands free” camera could help us from crashing and camming(I did it twice) and also see what the Director wants us to see…but even what a great show, and I am going back the 31st!! Yes so amazing to be part of the story and the audience too. I have only experienced this in my own dreams:):) which are pretty major productions at times too:) hugggss


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