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I am so happy to announce that our (a joint building/scripting project with Dale Innis) is here to experience!
I don’t want to say too much about it, because you should just ride it and live it yourself. It is a 3D media-enriched world on Kitely,  a real journey and it is my #16th!

My world page gives you a bit more information and also the way to get in:
Creation- on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand
For you Hyper-gridders it is: 3
I will include here another teaser photo and also the inspiration for making this world:


Here I am, praying with the yoga frogs! Can you see me?

The background for building this world is included in a notecard at the Landing Point.
It says: Why This World?

I was in Jordan a few months back and I had a dream.
I was talking to someone and I told them I had just started
a new world on Kitely (I hadn’t really) and that it was called,
When I awoke and thought about it…this is what came into my head:
“From the Nebula in our minds comes intuitive Art…
Our Big Bang is in silence..just a drawing inward then a moving outward that begins to paint the landscapes of our dreams
The drawing inward is not controlled by us..rather, it takes control of us and commands our thoughtless attention. Watch it and it will grow, stay without words and it will pulse and begin to move towards us, growing bigger and filling the screen behind our eyelids..If we do not pull will engulf us..and if we are brave, if we are lucky, inspire us and then intuitive Art is a possibility, the secondary effect of letting go….
That surrender is music to the ears of our muse..and she might pay us a visit. What is our muse if not our intuition, our very own intuition that somehow has been separated from us, as we grow up, so that we perceive it as a separate entity, a magical force, at times in human form, that whispers in our ears and gives us ideas. It reveals the perfect words, and drives us beyond our own human limitations, making artists of us all, those willing to hear its voice and just do what it tells us, we’re capable of doing. There is no such thing as a negative muse..a muse is always a driving, powerful, and positive force, for those of us, lucky enough to have discovered it and been touched by it.”
So..if you got down this far…you know why this world even exists:)
Enjoy Creating.!

DB Bailey says, “I think people are happiest, when they are making things….” and I agree:)

Peace and Inspiration

Now you know the way!
Dale and I would be very happy if you made the jump to visit us and take the Chair Tour….into Creation SOON!!
Anyone who has already been there (like Nat:) please leave a comment here:)

“Next Level……Create!”


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15 Responses to Creation

  1. daleinnis says:

    Sixteen worlds (and more), and each one unique and at the same time so definitely yours; I don’t know how you do it! Happy yet again to have contributed the craft of my scripts, to make the art of your ideas move. A creation about Creation; I highly recommend visiting!


    • “Make it move because you can Dale” You sure made it move good on this world:) I hope you were challenged enough:) and really you created as Menubar says, some head twisting, “How did they do that?” moments.Thank you for all your hard work…Was lots of fun too:)


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  3. Maaaan, you both did such a great awesome job!
    Creation is a wild ride with a BOAAAH!
    Sooo much fun and so much creativity, its incredible.
    Thats what I call an experience, really!
    I cannot write more because all would be a spoiler:)
    Big Hugs and Congratulation to you both and the new world!


    • Aww thank you Nat, and for the great post too about Creation. I was so happy to see you got totally into the experience. Hoping your words inspire others to take a chance and jump into Kitely and sit on our chair:) Big Hugs!!


  4. Joey says:

    Reblogged this on Joeys Café and commented:
    Karima posted this on her blog about a week ago:

    She and Dale created yet another amazingly beautiful world and called it ‘Creation’ — which is an understatement at that!


    • Thank you so much for re-blogging this Joey.. I loved talking to you afterwards and seeing Creation through your deep and sensitive eyes.. I am so glad it was a good and meaningful experience..I loved your ideas about the autumn room too. Thank you for your unwavering support of our worlds…Big Hugs!


  5. DzinWiz Babii says:

    Still reeling from the OVER STIMULATION of my senses during the Creations tour (laughsssssss). Honestly, I entered thinking ‘great, gets me a lazy chair that’ll guide me serenely through the beauty of this and then…. I can take a nap!’ Oh, how contrary were those initial thoughts to the real experience! Every moment, every visual, every brilliant cruise through a tunnel that entered another room of glorious technicolor made me feel joy, elation and… like I drunk a pint of whisky (the nasty stuff) and smoked a virtual doobie that was as round as my arm. Perhaps it was like a psychotic dream, but instead of the stereotypical perils, you get glimpses of a world akin to a little slice of heaven (smiles). I was thrilled and excited, a total interactive sensory adventure that awed me on every level. Karima and Dale seemed to have blended their creative souls to bring this to life and I am grateful for the experience, feels like I saw things done that I had never thought possible in virtual worlds. They really pushed the envelope on this one! I remember exclaiming to Sissy Karima “you may have outdone yourselves and done your best work EVER” and yes, I was implying that this one will be hard to beat! Thanks for the beautiful experience and for so generously sharing your creative treasures.


    • Lol I’m laughing because I was there and know it’s true! I hope you finally did get to sleep with dreams of “Alaskan Vacations” in your head:) It was so much fun being there with you, seeing through your eyes, what started out as a little dream and turned into as you called it a “psychotic one”…a bigger one. My pleasure Diz..and I kind of agree this one Will be hard to top…but hopefully Dale and I will figure out just how to do that.! and… we will certainly invite you along…Thank you for this great and for us, totally inspiring comment! Big Hugs!


  6. Steve Rogers says:

    An inner world

    I found myself looking superhuman and of indeterminate gender as I became the Creator avatar. The travelling chair took me through tunnels of divine creation, then safely carried me through a perfect storm at sea, lit by a divine sunrise, to a serene room presided over by the god and goddess of the plastic arts and the performing arts.

    This was the beginning of a trip through many further divisions of creativity including storytelling and spontaneous play, and through impressions of the artist’s two spiritual and physical homes – Jordan, its music intensely positive like a mixture of sugar and sunshine – and Costa Rica, a warm, colourful, embracing homeliness of mountains and farms.

    In the midst of this carousel of colour and movement there opened up a brown-lit peaceful interlude amongst drifting dead leaves, evoking the intensity of childhood autumns.

    The overall impression of the ride was a journey literally through the artist’s head, beyond poetry and into direct experience. Like an LSD trip, the textures and music of the mandala of tunnels between the rooms generated unseen imagined environments, and when real places were portrayed they were potent with psychedelic meaning. Logical sequence and the normal timeline were defeated, leaving only the Nangpa view – not only that answers and knowledge lie within the memory, but that everything apparently outside resides within it too.


  7. Wow Steve…what a small journey into your mind too:) This comment shows me how much you really immersed yourself in the experience of visiting Creation! As I told you yesterday, it gives me a whole new perspective on what we did sort of spontaneously, and then to re- experience it consciously through your eyes and what you saw and felt. I love that!:) This comment is so deeply insightful, articulate, clear and yet flowing in the rhythm of the tour, surprising, disjointed, colorful, even “jolly” at times.I loved that adjective you used to describe the “Primary Color Room” Thank you for being such a receptive visitor, and for relating to this world,,maybe in a deeper way, than all the others.


  8. ronald174 says:

    Wowie! I have been to Creation twice now-and haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s there. Karima and Dale have poofed a dream into a world! The use of colors, shapes, patterns, and movements in all the images are stunning. Quite literally breathtaking. Something like being on acid. I’m told. The movements possible are nearly impossible to follow as so much is going on at once. So very much to see. The Jordanian dancers were nothing short of amazing to watch. The rich music matches the movements and “story”-if there is such a thing here. It is more like the endlessly flowing magic of time passing by. All the lifetime experiences as seen by a visitor. The flowing river of life/this world/passage of time/passage of life experiences. I think it is interesting that the one avatar you can wear to experience this “ride” to the maximum is a unisex but clearly lovely “everyperson” with all the gifts and perceptions of male and female. Both together. Plot point here: the observer is combined male and female sensibilities together on one person. In many ways this mirrors the reality of life here on physical Earth. Our soul nature is a “unisex” just like this avatar. The combining of all Earth experiences-first as a male-then as a female. Thru this Device we experience both sides of the same picture. We learn the larger perspective of the Universe and our true purpose here on “earth”. It is like “Creation” on Kitely. When we have a chance to walk in both sets of shoes-so much is learned. On Kitely “Creation” we are seeing everything simultaneously. The colorful mandalas-the movements of the river-the ever changing music and experiences and feelings mirrors real life here. Only thru the avatar’s eyes we see all the richness-all the movements. It will take awhile to absorb all the dream images, sights, and sounds conjured up by a trip to Creation. Don’t try to analyze it-just experience it. More magic by Karima!


  9. Oh Ronald, as always such a beautiful and many layered comment (like your mind:) I love how you delved into the unisex avatar and how you related it to our souls..Someone said, they felt humbled and yet very free to be moving through this world in this avatar body…In any case, it let’s you be another version of yourself, a lithe spirit a creative imp who helps you feel the wonder and feel part of everything. It’s so weird, as we have talked about before, I too am finding more things than I actually, at least consciously planned to feel, when I conceived of the project. I too feel dizzy and exhilarated, even after my umpteen-millionth ride.. One of the reasons I really love to be inworld, when someone comes in, is to experience parts of the journey through their new eyes..Just like in Real Life, a trip to somewhere seen through the eyes of a child, an innocent, is even more magic than we, as adults, can perceive..Anyway..bottom line..I’m so pleased you enjoyed it on so many levels. Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts on the Kitely Forum as well as here. We are hoping to stir up interest all over the Hypergrid, and comments like yours, I think really spark interest to take make the jump and ride the little red chair….


  10. Timber Wolfe says:

    Ok here’s an update, Kitely has this buggy, obtrusive confirmation thing that forces HG users to confirm and agree on their web site, I did that multiple times, it’s like it did it every time I HG in.
    NOW that I have my own grid I get a new message telling me that my ip and :9000 is invalid to use and they are forcing HG users who have an ip as their home grid to get a DOMAIN NAME now before being allowed into Kitely!

    It claims it is “free” but there is no “free” with this, you have to register an account and password, giving them your email address which you KNOW is going to be spammed, keep track of the user name and password forever, and then configure the thing so you have a domain name instead of a perfectly valid ip- NO THANKS!

    I’m done with Kitely, sorry I won’t be visiting your sims again.


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