ReCap of my Bayou Poetry Reading

1Swamp Reading02

Beautiful photo by Natascha Randt

Last Sunday was the day of my Bayou Poetry Reading, and as you can see by the first photo, the venue was unique and seating both colorful and practical:) It was a wonderful group of friends old and new and some residents of the swamp lands, all mixed up and sitting on the ground, periodically spraying their bug spray (compliments of Secret Rage) who supplied canisters in leg holsters for easy grabbing.) She asked me to point out that the spray was environmentally safe and was only a suggestion to the mosquitoes, not an annihilation:)

2Swamp Reading03

Another moody shot by Natascha

I recorded the whole hour for anyone who missed it and was out on a nice Spring Sunday afternoon, instead of behind their computer.. I was actually surprised  because of that, to see around 26 avies spread out in front of me. You can download the entire mp3 recording here: RECORDING Just Clic
I will include below some more photos that were taken by Dale Innis, who also helped me with the image board.
I want to give all who came a big heartfelt thank you and also to Mayor Henri Godenot for providing this unique spot to share my poetry!
For those who couldn’t make it, there will be more. I am tying to get back into a schedule of doing them once a month. Also feel free to download the recording if you would like to hear the whole thing.


Photo by Dale


From My Point of View


                                      Noobie Image on the board..My birth in SL 2007


Mayor Henri and Buddeh Menubar- So Dapper!!

If you missed this one..hope to catch you next time!!

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5 Responses to ReCap of my Bayou Poetry Reading

  1. What a great reading in a not so common setting:)
    All those of your memories all around the poems made it the diamond of your readings.

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  2. It was a magic moment, Karima, thank you!

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  3. Joey says:

    It really was one of those special evenings, Karima 🙂 I must admit poetry sometimes keeps me puzzled with a sense of ‘ I don’t get it’. Not yours. There is always emotion, pictures, feelings that I can relate to so well. You are actually a poetry rock star to my eyes 🙂

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