Who Makes The Magic?

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Please listen to my recording of this poem to the music of Shigeru.

Who Makes The Magic?
For Toni

Who Makes The Magic?
Are you old enough to ask that question?
It usually comes at a certain age…
after believing in everything and then being disappointed

when your parents and the world tell you it was
all make believe…fake magic, fake predictable world, where reality is so boring;
that’s just the way it is and if you think it’s not….
well you are living some lie.. or some mental illness, because in reality…
There is no place for magic.. no place for memories that last a lifetime
no matter if you forget all else..
Moments and stages and weeks and years; when surreal yelled louder than the real and grabbed your attention and stole you away..like a Pied Piper of special effects…of such impossibly good times, you looked around and pinched yourself to make sure you were not dreaming..

Do We Make The Magic?
Were we born magicians, fortune tellers,
who open the future before the rest and so pick and choose and toss
all the magical moments into one hat that we wear,
then start doing our own show?
Do we have a bit of the power of persuasion and form our own posse, to easily ride along with us when we have these outrageous ideas..that sound good but…
could be impossible,
could be excessive,
might be even dangerous?
But all who ride along are sure they won’t be boring.

No one doubts they won’t be magical…and everyone knows,
those times will never be forgotten.

Does Knowing Magic Make us Look for More?
If we believe we are not the makers of magic,
that it is somehow outside our ideas and our powers…
 but by having seen it, loved in it, danced in ecstasy around it
we fell into it; then it’s  just our incredible luck, this magical moment out of sync and time.
It’s like finding an Easter egg in the Matrix,
“Surprise!” you got a quantum leap in your Life Experiences!
Then the magic becomes much easier to find and you want more.

The more you have had your breath taken away…by the unexpected and the beautifully beguiling, the more you will search it out and the easier it becomes to find it all around you..
Even in the mundane, a song, a soft rain, you can feel how in the end, it is all magic..
all-around you..the magic of awareness of being chosen for the audience,

but sometimes being the magician, and right this very moment…. of still being alive.

Karima Hoisan
September 15th 2019
Costa Rica

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15 Responses to Who Makes The Magic?

  1. daleinnis says:

    Oooh, so very much so! It is all magic, and we can come to see that, one miracle into another…

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  2. Karima, your work is truly magical- it weaves itself into the minds and souls of your readers (and all those fortunate enough to find your exceptional blog).

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  3. Magic is all around us, so many moments in a day if we but take the time to see, feel and enjoy. The blessings. It is a blessing for us all within your magical writings.

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  4. Thank you so much for this comment! The trick is seeing the magic,as you say, to just take the time out and allow yourself to really See.


  5. Who makes the Magic?

    The question is so easy to answer: You, Karima and people like you.
    Artists with words, with pen and paper and paintbrushes and the circus ones,
    like the ones from Circo FantazzTico, dancers … you name it.
    All of you bring us back the magical moments we need.
    And I think we all need those moments to flee and escape the “real world” once in a while.

    But once this moments were so real like the pain from scratched knees … when we learned to walk.
    It’s so true in your poem, becoming of age was the time the serious side of life began.

    But, but, we can make the magic, being magicians of our own and at the same time
    we can feel the magic thats around us everyday and in every place.

    Just open your eyes and see the world as you saw it once when you were child and
    everything was magic.
    The fragrance of a flower, falling snowflakes, the silent sunlight,
    the smell of hay after a summer rain, building a sandcastle and imgaine who lives in it.
    Small things, sure, but at the same time big wonders.
    Dont ask why is the sky blue? Just enjoy it. Even if you know why the sky is blue

    On the other hand, if we can make magic, depends on where we come from,
    what we’ve learned, our experiences, our knowledge, the environment in which we live
    and maybe some more.
    Thing is, we have to hold tight those magical moments we whitness.
    Keep that memories warm.
    If not, we will loose a part of what makes life worth living.

    As always, I am not sure if I say it clear, what my thoughts are on your poem, Karima,
    but this one gave me a lot to think of.

    There are two quotes that came in mind, when I read it first time.
    One is from Friedrich Schiller’s drama Maria Stuart:
    “Laß mich ein Kind sein, sei es mit.” (something like: Let me be a child, be it with me.)

    The other is from my friend Walt Faulds, who flew west some years ago, about SL and to relive his childhood:
    “und jetzt sind wir zurück und haben eine zweite chance – eigentlich unglaublich ich wollte,
    ich hätte noch 500 Jahre:)”
    (and now we are back and have a second chance – actually unbelievable I wanted,
    I still have 500 years)

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    • Wow Nat…what a comment!! It was like an essay and I loved it from beginning to end.. You say, people like “me:”make the magic, but I think you meant people like us, as you too are part of this group of artists that transforms ideas into magical videos that move people out of themselves (If we are lucky:) I love your expression in German, that means, “be a child with me” See it out of my eyes..when all is possible and the unbelievable exists every day for a child..There are no…’That’s not possible” because for a child all is possible, and the magical, the unbelievable , lives side by side with plain old normal routine and reality.
      I also like the one from your dear departed friend and fellow pilot, Walt.. Seeing the magical in the everyday..keeps our spirits young..keeps us with hope…Even in this life, circimstances, can alos give us a second chance..a rebirth , so to speak, in our same life..where we awaken and begin to see, what we used to take for granted, what it really is//a gift…Our lives our gifts..magic surrounds us..is in us and outside too..all around us.. Thank you for your wonderful stream of thoughts on this poem.. Hoping the music of the recorded poem..will start to grow on you..:) and lift you rather than brign you down:) Big Hugs my partner in all things fabulous and extraordinary:):

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  6. Hoyt says:

    Rucita….This piece is magic. You are magic as our friend Nat points out. Reading this was so uplifting. “It made my heart sore like hawk.” To borrow an ancient Sioux phrase. The ones that know you wait for your obras, and then hang on every word wondering where could these amazing thoughts come from. Truly dear friend… You are a magician.

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  7. Ruco..thank you so much..your comments inspire me on to just trust my muse and trust that a few people out there (like you) are waiting to see what comes next hehe..in some ways I am waiting just like you:) The muse is the magician….I just try to step in line:) Always appreciate your comments ad thoughts so much:)


  8. ronald174 says:

    I just found this piece of wizardry! So many of your themes revolve around the magic in this world. The amazing realities created to understand and edify and elevate us humans. Nat’s writing amazing and thoughtful! You are surrounded by so many bright lights it is nearly blinding. Expanding and pushing on understanding like pulling and pushing on taffy. Clarities seem to grow and expand like crazily raising bread! New sizes and shapes. New ways of looking at old things. And it is quite true-all magic is possible in eyes of a child. All objects and ideas and thoughts are possible. This is all the raw material of change and understanding. The primordial stew of creation of life and this entire universe. Of course it is all magic!

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