About the Poet


Karima Hoisan is my avatar. I am soul-infused and was born (rezzed) in the virtual world of Second Life on the 26th of December 2007, and reside on the same sim whereupon I rezzed, one that fate has given to me as my own, Misty Shores, LINC Island.

I perform frequent readings throughout SL, utilizing voice with selected music, some, my own original compositions, and images I display of photographs and artwork to accompany each poem. Many of my poems have been made into machinimas through the continuing creative partnership with Natascha Randt (filmmaker). Randt & Hoisan Productions have made 29 videos together; all can be found under the category “Machinima” in this blog. I find every day in this virtual world an inspiration. Sadly. Nat passed away this last 3rd of September 2021. May she rest in peace- Allah yirhamha.
 I am both published in Second Life as well as in my Real Life.
If you are  curious about my real life..I came out of the virtual closet this year:)

To contact me, please send an IM, NC (in SL) or email: karima.hoisan@gmail.com


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    • Joey…What a wonderful surprise to see this post and video. I am so happy you enjoyed my Boats world, and thank you for taking the time to capture it in such a beautiful way. Big Hugs!


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