About the Poet

Kari SL

Karima Hoisan rezzed in SL on the 26th of December 2007, and resides on the same sim whereupon she rezzed, one that fate has given to her as her own, Misty Shores, LINC Island.

She performs frequent readings throughout SL, utilizing voice with selected music, some her own original compositions, and images she displays of photographs and artworks to accompany each poem.Many of her poems have been made into machinimas through the continuing creative partnership with Natascha Randt (filmmaker) Randt & Hoisan Productions have made 28 videos together; all can be found under the category “Machinima” in this blog. Karima finds every day in this virtual world an inspiration.
She is both published in Second Life as well as in her Real Life.
To contact the artist, please send an IM, NC (in SL) or email: karima.hoisan@gmail.com

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    • Joey…What a wonderful surprise to see this post and video. I am so happy you enjoyed my Boats world, and thank you for taking the time to capture it in such a beautiful way. Big Hugs!


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