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InFront Housing

Hello all, I hope you are well and safe and helping to contain this Corona Virus by staying in your homes and being creative. When Nat and I were asked to do this project, by our good friend, DB Bailey … Continue reading

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Bird Life in The Dry Season

Bird Life in The Dry Season A lazy, warm and slightly sensual day unfolding with barely a breeze, Blinking light in tropical greens, shadows on the branches twist and tease. Floating high above the canopy, puffs of cotton pretending to … Continue reading

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Gino We were blessed; we had an angel years ago, fall from the sky, nearby. We took him in, and found a special place for him, Marveled how we were chosen to house him in his time on earth. How … Continue reading

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Dealing With Demons

Dealing With Demons To hear the poem recited by me to the music that inspired it click here: Recorded Poem Dealing With Demons If only love can kill a demon; only love can cure a demon, all those lashing tails … Continue reading

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Love Knows….

Love Knows… For P. Love knows how to find its way back home. It never gets lost forever in the void. It sometimes strays a ways for days, but takes all the shortcuts on its return. It can be so … Continue reading

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Ahh December…A Month of Anniversaries and Milestones

 It was four years ago this month,  Karima was sitting, reading in her garden, most likely a book of verse, when someone said to her, “I am watching the Discovery Channel on my television and they are talking about a … Continue reading

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La Caja de Oro – The Gold Box

La Caja de Oro Para E. Me dijiste: “Este momento..este momento exacto que estamos viviendo quiero guardarlo en una caja de oro… cada pensamiento, cada palabra suspirada cada paso, cada segundo, cada gemido.” Te dije: “Yo soy tu poeta, y … Continue reading

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