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My poem is like my lover…

My poem is like my lover… My poem is like my lover locked in a back room. How can I leave it dangling, in such a state? Nothing can be more important than to ride it to a finish. This … Continue reading

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Sometimes, less is more. The less said, the more we can draw our own conclusions. For about a month, I was feeling like I had a “biggish poem” inside. That means to me personally, that I might be taking a … Continue reading

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Take A Chair…

Take a Chair… (For DB) A chair is but a chair is but a chair. Now you see it.. recline in it, even if you move it to another room It’s still there. When it sprouts arms, and stretches, changing … Continue reading

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“Redressing The Classics” ~ DB Bailey Style ~ At Torell Nederland

DB Bailey (David Denton Architect in RL) has a new build, a gallery that I am sure is changing as I speak, because for DB, nothing is ever finished, everything keeps, moving forward, changing, morphing, evolving. Like Life itself, his … Continue reading

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