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The Unbalancing Act

Enjoy the music (click this link) TINY TEARS which sets the mood of the poem The Unbalancing Act My scale is so sensitive, 
One harsh look or word
 Tips me back into the void.  Juggling like a pro,
 The sad, … Continue reading

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Ode To Spring~Poets Karima Hoisan & Emile Sands~

I cordially invite you all, to a very special poetry reading in honor of Spring. Thursday, May 5th from 7pm to 8pm slt at Kari’s Kantina del Mar Linc Island, Emile and I will be reading selected poems for Spring, … Continue reading

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 Click this link to hear my reciting of the free verse poem “Lonely” Lonely for Anje Aichi the artist/photographer inspired by the photographic piece “Lonely” The doors push open and out she comes, an ungraceful arrival but she’s looking good, … Continue reading

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Buoy In The Night

Click the link below for the *˚mp3˚* to hear my recorded reading of the poem to music “Buoy in the Night mp3” I will include the poem also written out below. Buoy In The Night Can a buoy be immune … Continue reading

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The Orange Dream~The Last Dream~

This is the last entry of the Colored Dream Prose Vignettes. If you are coming upon this page for the first time, and haven’t had a chance to read the others, I warmly recommend starting from the beginning, unless you … Continue reading

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The Turquoise & Green Dream

Please enjoy the sounds of“A Mix of Karunesh” by clicking the link that will open and play it in a new tab) The first thing I hear is the sound of shattered glass, and I think, “Oh I must have … Continue reading

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Swirl It Around

Enjoy this music that “swirls it around” while you read the poem Swirl It Around for ieko Catnap (the artist) I see all the languages of the world mixed into one telepathy, the end of babbling and talk-speak, we could … Continue reading

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