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Crude Oil

Celebrating my rebirth in the Virtual World of Second Life..14 years ago this month of December….This is one of the first poems I ever wrote there:) Crude Oil Underneath the desert floor,she was born with kicks, her heart out-poured,pumping gallons, … Continue reading

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Scatter Like a gunshot that scatters a flock of birds, your explosion of anger scatters my peace. It’s like those big dark clouds start moving in the moment you react to something I say. and here we go again… The … Continue reading

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Brand New Platonic Soulmate

Let my heart step out tonight pirouetting on red shoes, flouncing and bouncing down the hallway my chambers pumping in blood-red hues… Open to life, open to love, it skips and slides down marble floors. Every chandelier is a rainbow … Continue reading

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Really Real

To sail in the sweet stream of creative bliss and painless dreams of sanity and healthy days, slow nights of languid moonbeams. If I could hold that moment, where nothing hurts, where the next day promises to be even brighter, … Continue reading

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Toucan Logic

Toucan Logic “You look like me,” said the Toucan to another Toucan, eating a banana. “Should we fight?” “Why? Because we look like each other?” “No, because there is only one banana.” “The robins do it all the time.” “They … Continue reading

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Back To The Light

Slipping into the micro-shrooms I slide into my poetry. A new poem, unexpectedly comes after coffee and after breakfast. I always feel the urge to write a poem, any poem, every poem, like a warning Like running to the bathroom, … Continue reading

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Take My Heart

                                        “Your Heart is Safe with Me” Markus Akesson” My deepest affairs..have been affairs of the heart;bodies had no part in it.. they could have been storedin a box.These love storiesare always sublime,always have amazing endings,even when they end in … Continue reading

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