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Heresy Of The Intimate

If you are following my Colored Dream Series, you will know that in Part Two we meet a sphere with a very strong essence called The Intimate. From a parallel world he comes, and our Karima of the story falls … Continue reading

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Too Far For Me

I am going to share my first machinima made in Second Life, with all the apologies beforehand, as it is far from perfect, yet I do think it worth sharing. I committed many novice mistakes in filming it, equivalent to … Continue reading

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Part Two~The Colored Dreams~Ismara Re-Opens The Diary

The Face spoke to me in the voice of my sister. It was Karima’s cadence, and tone. “Find my diary and finish reading it. Do it” It was so clearly stated and so commanding, as if an order were being … Continue reading

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Love Tease

Love Tease Inspired by the painting of the same name by Rob Steenhorst I see two on a fishing trip, they are angling sportsmen on a loveless luckless night. Smooth sounds of jazzy bars fly from their lips, like lures … Continue reading

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Free Falling Flower

 Free Falling Flower The beginning is a tight- wound bud of choice, closed up around one tiny thoughtful seed smooth and reckless in unknown potential an egg of some rare and unnamed species. Anything might hatch, anything might see the … Continue reading

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The Fairy Stripper~ A True Story

 One day, back in August of 2008 we were sitting around a campfire on my ranch, each sharing what our most embarrassing moments were as new residents in our new world of SL. Later that night, I decided to write … Continue reading

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Part Two~The Colored Dreams~Dream Diary Entry #5 The Intimate

I invite you to listen to my reading of this chapter, over a beautiful mood weaving music track. It should hopefully add another dimension to the story for you. Just click on the link below “Diary Entry #5 The Intimate″ … Continue reading

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