Full – Circle

Time Has Come Full-Circle

                                Time Has Come Full – Circle” by Dale Innis

 Full – Circle

Maybe it was in another time
another life, another book
I read to fill my mind

but you were just as real
as when you were real
and you were really mine.

My night was a new moon loop
and you were trapped inside
round n round we went at midnight.

I always let you in;
how could I keep you out?
You still breathed within my mind.

I closed my eyes and waltzed you
that graceful dance you loved so much
like when you left on your last breath.

We knocked over the flowers,
the vases were falling to the ground…
Who says there’s no passion after death?

Karima Hoisan
September 25, 2022
Costa Rica

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WhatsApp Image 2022-09-20 at 8.37.40 PM

                                        Image “Birds” by Dale Innis

Funny how I knew
you would adorn my poem today.
Your one-eyed glance to the side
just caught my attention;
I feel you lightly perched on my cilia
that waves in the breeze of my mind.

I would wait, if I were you,
launching your flapping to the sky.
Raptors are gliding and you would be
an awkward easy prey.

Stay with me awhile,
I feel you comforting
as you remind me…
how my mind connects so easily
to you and your species
to you and your manifestation;
you hatched full-plumed
from the mind of my over-active

We have so much that joins
and yet
you are of the open skies
and I,
your creator,
expect to be left behind..

It’s fine you know…                                               fly
When the time is right                                      fly
You’ll know it when it comes                       fly
Now………..                                              fly
Fly!……………………………….. .. fly

Karima Hoisan
September 21, 2022
Costa Rica

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One -Way Door


                                         Path to Glory  by Dale Innis

One-Way Door

I still miss you
I shouldn’t.
My dreams obey no laws
of physics
or logic
and I still want you
here with me.

People who have
passed over
to the other side
ask me for favors
and I oblige.

I am never surprised
they are back
but maybe they’re not
and it’s I
who have just gone
pushed my way
through a one-way door
so I can
entertain the dead.

I have passed beyond
my dreams
into the land
we almost never see
until we finally
close our eyes,
that mist and veil
we call
the other side.

Now people long gone
briefly interact,
and I wonder
if I call them
or they call me?
Is this only nostalgia
or perhaps
a preparation
I was not yet
to see?

Are all of these
sleeping journeys
just to make the
passage easy
when some night,
that one-way door,
at the moment

that I step through…
will softly
close behind me?

Karima Hoisan
September 19,  2022
Costa Rica


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Just a Note

Hi everyone,
just a note to tell you I have been pretty offline and off WordPress for a week with an eye
problem. I don’t need surgery again (Alhamduillah) but until I get some special glasses next week, I can’t be on much as it stains it.
So don’t worry about me and I will be back reading your posts and writing my own again soon:) Inshallah 🙏


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AI Dreams in Art is Here!!

On August 1st, it all started with one prim, a texture and an idea for my 21st world On Kitely – Virtual Worlds, completely inspired by the enormous quantity of AI Art,
Dale Innis was producing.

Dale had been dabbling with AI Art programs for months and the results were interesting, at times creepy and unsettling… but this new program, *MidJourney, was absolutely amazing!! (more about the program at the end)
I was moved to create spaces and divide up his art into genres that could be enjoyed in immersive  appropriate places. I am so happy he loved the idea and very much got into even building a few galleries, himself.
All paths lead to somewhere..Pick one and see where it takes you:)

Maybe hang out at a Hippie Campsite,  see some Psychedelic Art and listen
to The Youngbloods.

*Disclaimer, an AI has never had a psychedelic experience….and its art demonstrates that….but it’s colorful:)
You might be into beautiful women with snakes…believe me there is something for everyone!!
Have you ever felt like you wanted to dance like a snake, while spinning around and listening to Lana Lubnany’s hypnotic charmer voice sing, “The Snake” in English/Arabic..
You can do it here at Snake Clan!! (Video has sound)

If you enjoy  Retro 40’s music and 40’s 50’s Modernist Art..,.Come to the Hotsy Totsy Club:)
and immerse in the ambience!

post ai artt_006Or, find a cozy booth and whisper your secrets over cocktails and smoke
We have Art Nouveau.
Or…maybe Art Deco is more your style…
Almost every Club-like venue, has a Dance Ball and appropriate music
cyber punk ai artt_001

post AI_002


Surreal AI Art  displayed in a minimalist gallery by Dale
Goth is (of course) full of dark woods and moving images and is a real experience to traverse
Goth girl_008

Black clouds constantly move over the projected images and it is mesmerizing to sit and watch
this changing wall. Please watch the video and turn on sound.
The music is The Dead Can Dance by Indus!


For those who love Black & White…The Monochrome section is very beautiful.

post AI_010

There is also a movie playing called “Devolution” where some horses de-evolve into something…very unhorse-like. The process is fascinating and the music is Satie:)Snapshot_001

Is anyone ready yet, to make an avatar and come see all this first hand? I am happy to show you how:) All the Art found here is full permission and can be copied and taken with you.
This is just a small taste of what you will find if you visit. This article has already gotten too long, but I just want to share with you, the joy of being able to experience it first hand. My joy lies in being able to create something like this, to curate, the incredible Art that Dale is producing with the MidJourney program.
AI Dreams in Art can be found on this webpage..just click or for Hypergrid Users put in
grid.kitely.com:8002:AI Dreams in Art  on your map
Last but not least, turn up your sound and enjoy the finished pounding surf of Seascapes…
An octopus moved in as I was finishing:)
Video has sound


About Midjourney

MidJourney is an AI system that allows anyone to create artistic images of nearly any kind, just by typing words. A number of these have sprung up lately, based on some recent amazing advances in technology; MidJourney is Dale’s favorite. All of the images in all the various genres around the sim were created by Dale in MidJourney, by choosing words and various system options, and picking the good ones. You can try out MidJourney yourself (the first few dozen are free!) at http://midjourney.com/ ; be warned that the interface is via Discord right now, so it’s not really easy to use.

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Arbor of Sour Grapes


Please click play to hear me recite the poem.

Desire is just one room in a mansion
and it can end in the bedroom or in a luxurious waiting room,
years, waiting, hoping, dreaming,
or in tears.

Its face changes when it realizes,
it will never realize what it wants.

No longer immaculate, it breaks down, unkempt and unloved,
the rusty gates inviting everyone to stay out.

What was once a thriving mansion is now just an arbor of sour grapes.
Hope has succumbed into the mulch of the past,
desire tastes like bitter leaves; the mansion implodes in envy and self pity,
just one room gone astray, is enough to unbalance……


It could have been a night of passion, half eaten fruits sweet and scattered over the floor, a telling of the urgency, abandonment to the moment when nothing mattered more.

And yet…

From the inside out, this beautiful house with the potential
to welcome the angels and the devils,
collapses in on itself; just because… desire lives there no more.

Karima Hoisan
Sept. 2, 2022
Costa Rica

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Tierra Dorada – Golden Land

new grassf_001 2

Tierra Dorada
(for ieko Catnap the artist)

Golden prim of Creation
out of the gasses and water you rise…
the first idea ..the first word
Ancestors, ore’s millenniums,
humans float and fall on bobbing tides of eons

Sculpted by the Dreamer
and we dream within you.

A block, that became a sphere, that came alive…
You left Your brush for some to pick up.
You left the words that poets drink with our creative straws,
sipping nectar from yellow petals,
rising up, morphing from sunny toddlers to the hunched silhouettes
of winter’s dimming light,

fluxing, changing land of all our hopes and tears,
There is no other dream or Dreamer but You.

Karima Hoisan
June 6, 2010
Virtual Art Gallery LINC Island SL

*Footnote: I decided to post this poem of 12 years ago, because someone new
discovered it in a poetry book I had published, virtually in 2010 in Second Life.
The book is called, “Digital Rabbit Hole” and this blog was born from it…way back then.
It also is appropriate as I am finishing building a new virtual world…and like all of them,
It starts with an idea and just one prim, one building block:) Amazing!

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So Simple

So Simple

I still can remember the night I was shown the meaning of Life
(it’s not something to be forgotten)
In awe, my whole conscious mind
now suspended in space,
I looked down upon the spheres
spinning below me and said out loud…
“So that’s what it’s all about…it’s so simple.”
“So simple.”
I understood it all in a raging second of illumination
and then the words to describe what I saw
faded away like a lifting fog and this Truth
I was shown, would be forever out of my reach,
forever beyond my language to explain what I had seen.

The next day, the sun made the trees
bend and wave on my wall.
In a shadow movie of branches and leaves
I knew I was almost grasping that Truth
that I saw the night before.
Still so beyond my reach..
and to this day….
this Truth remains beyond words and syntax.
But today, years and years later,
the dance of Nature, on a wall of my room,
reminds me that I once knew
the why and what of Life..
and that it was perfect
and perfectly simple.

Karima Hoisan
August 22, 2022
Costa Rica

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Slave For My Muse


Slave For My Muse

Who’s in control here?
Well we both know…you are.
I give up my sleep, start my day
without even a cup of coffee.
Only for you, do I do the things I do.

You tell me you want music,
and I am expected to produce it.
Give me a chance to learn how,
I make a losing plea for time
but you want it now..
or better yesterday.
I am burning the midnight oil,
to learn to line up those loops
sweating in my Garage Band…
until I get it right.

I wait, holding my breath as you listen,
but even though you never say a word,
your smile tells me you’re pleased.
I sway along side to side,
like an elephant caravan
Now we’re going somewhere.

You want me to make a new world,
rolling up my sleeves,
I give it my best.
New poem now, even though the world
is just starting to take solid form,
You feel a new poem,
maybe dedicated to you.
might just be the thing for this moment.
Well I am grateful for the pretty music
you found for me.
Putting it on a loop, I write and write.
“Yes Mistress, I’m working on it”
After all, I live to serve you.”

Karima Hoisan
August 7, 2022
Costa Rica

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“AI Dreams in Art” My 21st VR World in Gestation

Dale Innis, my collaborator of many worlds and projects has been playing with AI Art programs for some time. Quite a few paintings, he has turned out, have inspired my poetry, but lately he has been working with a program called Midjourney and it is a real game changer.

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 10.12.48 PM

high fashion aliens-31 at 6.36.26 PM

           Art Deco Cats or High End Alien Fashion and everything in between!!
I am building a new world, “AI Dreams in Art” to curate his many genres of fascinating digital
paintings!!. We have just begun..but here are some previews to what it’s starting to look like.
All paintings will be free to those who visit the world. They can take any home with them to decorate their virtual abodes, businesses and worlds. “Sharing is Caring”

Stormy Seascapes in a Storm:)  Sit and Immerse yourselves! *The Video has Sound

This beautiful building was being given away at Opensim Fest by Luna Lunaria (Who made the Egyptian build in my video “Flowers of the Nile”  It’s perfect for a two-story AI Art Gallery
All images are modify and can be re-sized. We have just begun… What fun!!
Will make another post when it’s finished… but I might be a bit slow catching up with everyone until then!


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