Bird Life in The Dry Season


Clay-Colored Thrush_photo by Roger Scott

Bird Life in The Dry Season

A lazy, warm and slightly sensual day unfolding with barely a breeze,
Blinking light in tropical greens, shadows on the branches twist and tease.
Floating high above the canopy, puffs of cotton pretending to be clouds,
The robin’s song, echoing in robin throats ,“ Choose me! No, choose me!”
As the age-old battle of finding a mate unfolds, in every strata of every tree.

Nest building, egg sitting, stuffing beaks with ripe bananas, flitting, flying and feeding,
Cicadas starting up their motors, blaring sirens of insect-looped insanity.
It’s hot outside; it’s dry but now and then a grey cloud stealthily drifts by,
Pretending it might bring rain, but not before those hungry little beaks have learned to fly,
Not until the summer months, have nurtured fledglings in their first flight, up to the sky.

This is what it’s all about, for the outdoor dwellers who fly high over my land.
They pair up, they create new lives and care for them, each throwing in a hand.
Do they not feel pride or regret when their little offspring leave them, for new trees then?
I imagine they sit, on branches, observing the empty nests, nodding in agreement;
“Ah yes, we have been lucky…It’s been a very good dry season!”

*Please click HERE to hear its song. Many times they will begin to sing before daylight

Karima Hoisan
February 22, 2020
Costa Rica

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Gino: 1-12-2020


We were blessed; we had an angel years ago, fall from the sky, nearby.
We took him in, and found a special place for him,
Marveled how we were chosen to house him in his time on earth.
How quickly he invented his role, making himself we never tried,
And we laughed and had the most gorgeous plants, and the coffee was always perfect
And he was always with us…doing his supernatural things…
He was our historian, our confidant our witness to all the changes and bright craziness
That distinguished our household from all the rest,
And he never got angry and never judged; his demeanor always smiling,
Ready to fill your wish….
Like a genie, like an angel who decided to descend and serve humanity….. just because.
That sounds too good to be true, but those who met him, will testify…..
When they saw him; they knew.

In a painless dream he left us at dawn that last Sunday.
He said he needed to change into a butterfly and if not today, the next..
Even with all of us holding his hand, he escaped through our fingers
His glorious new wings iridescent in the sunlight, his face in peace, a job well done.
He ascended from our earthly home, floating up back from where he came…
His glorious mission complete, his train stopped at the station
He left so many mortals feeling empty, but so grateful,
Marveling at his beautiful exit…..with heads in our hands, tears on our faces,
Because he was an angel, and now he was gone…and the magic disappeared from our lives.

This day, we lived last Sunday, was a day I feared for years…
When you see that train approaching…
You know that some day it will arrive.
Every train that brings death, runs away with itself
Certain as destiny it moves forward swiftly carrying its load
But we are clumsy at the station, because what it brings us
Is almost too much to bear.
That’s why we gather close and hold hands, whisper words, comfort and console.
We see it coming and we hope it may stop along its way, give us more time
Because it carries the soul of someone we love and  we are not ready….
It’s unstoppable, like loss, like nights into days, like sickness and old age
But death, even for the divine, will always arrive…
On time.

Karima Hoisan
January 18, 2020
Costa Rica

*En Español….

Fuimos bendecidos; Tuvimos un ángel hace años, cayerse del cielo, cerca.

Lo acogimos y encontramos un lugar especial para él.
Maravilladas, de cómo fuimos elegidos para alojarlo en su tiempo en la tierra.
Qué rápido inventó su papel, haciéndose irremplazable … así que nunca lo intentamos,
Y nos reímos y teníamos las plantas más hermosas, y el café siempre era perfecto.
Y él siempre estuvo con nosotros … haciendo sus cosas sobrenaturales …
Fue nuestro historiador, nuestro confidente, nuestro testigo de todos los cambios y la locura brillante.
Eso distinguió a nuestra casa de todos los demás,
Y nunca se enojó y nunca juzgó; su comportamiento siempre sonriendo
Listo para cumplir un deseo …
Como un genio, como un ángel que decidió descender y servir a la humanidad … solo porque sí.
Eso suena demasiado bueno para ser verdad, pero quienes lo conocieron testificarán …
Cuando lo vieron; Ellos sabían.

En un sueño indoloro, nos dejó al amanecer del último domingo.
Dijo que necesitaba convertirse en una mariposa y si no hoy, la próxima …
Incluso con todos nosotros sosteniendo su mano, escapó entre nuestros dedos.
Sus nuevas y gloriosas alas iridiscentes a la luz del sol, su rostro en paz, un trabajo bien hecho.
Él ascendió desde nuestro hogar terrenal, flotando de regreso de donde vino …
Su gloriosa misión completada, su tren se detuvo en la estación
Dejó a tantos mortales sintiéndose vacíos, pero tan agradecidos,
Maravillándose de su hermosa salida … con cabezas en nuestras manos, lágrimas en nuestros rostros,
Porque él era un ángel, y ahora se había ido … y la magia desapareció de nuestras vidas.

Este día, vivimos el domingo pasado, fue un día que temí durante años …
Cuando veas que el tren se acerca …
Sabes que algún día llegará.
Cada tren que trae la muerte, huye consigo mismo
Cierto como destino, avanza rápidamente llevando su carga
Pero somos torpes en la estación, porque lo que nos trae
Es casi demasiado para soportar.
Por eso nos juntamos y tomamos de la mano, susurramos palabras, consuelo y consola.
Lo vemos venir y esperamos que se detenga en su camino, denos más tiempo
Porque lleva el alma de alguien que amamos y no estamos listos …
Es imparable, como pérdida, como noches en días, como enfermedad y vejez.
Pero la muerte, incluso para lo divino, siempre llegará …
Justo a tiempo.



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Dealing With Demons

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-29 at 10.20.20 AM

Painting by Omar Rayyan

Dealing With Demons

To hear the poem recited by me to the music that inspired it click here: Recorded Poem Dealing With Demons

If only love can kill a demon;
only love can cure a demon,
all those lashing tails and tongues
snapping at your heels.
If you run, they’ll chase you…..
If you stand your ground, they’ll eat you,
but if you love them, you can stop them in their tracks.
Extract their fangs!
Clip their claws!
Close their eyes!
Pin their jaws!
And hug them tight,
without hurting them at all!
They’re wounded….
Hug them like a tango
Hug them with a whisper in their ear!
Hug them like you’ve loved them all your life!
Hug them with commitment and No Fear!

They’ll be…
Falling at your feet,
Bowing down upon the ground
Humbled, tamed and changed.
Hear their voices, they’ll tell you,
“I need help,”
such a plaintive evil voice,
“I need your help”
“I can’t do it alone.”
If you are who you say you are,
it should be easy….
Easy to forgive their scales and barbed tails
Easy to forget; they almost killed you, betrayed you, maligned your name.
But, when you loved them anyway,
They could no longer slay you alive, steam roll over you
They could not scare the pale halo off of you,
that’s floating round your head.

Only love can cure a demon
Only the touch of an innocent can change dark alchemy into spun gold manes.
Can you imagine being like them?
Trapped in their malignancy depraved?
Stroke them, give them hope,
Whisper, “It will be all right..the sun will rise on the other side for you”
Then….make them spin…spin in all benevolence!
Spin them until they’re dizzy with being cherished and held dear!
How they start to smooth..and soften those hard edges
horns falling off as you spin them faster ‘n faster.
Turn them into puffs and cream, turn them into rainbow dreams.
Make them your puppy dog that follows you day and night.
Make them mirror all the goodness they received.
Make them believe..if only they believe
that love is stronger than anything they can achieve!
Only love can cure a demon.
It’s the only way.
Only love from an innocent heart
can disarm the beast..and make him meek
so they too can inherit the earth
the afterlife
all the worlds to come.
Only love can kill a demon… true
Only love can cure a demon… too!
Don’t kill the demon; give it a second chance!
Only love can cure a demon!
Only love can cure a demon!

Karima Hoisan
December 30, 2019
Costa Rica


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Love Knows….

commission_for_vallem_in_eorzea_by_erisiar_da774qg-fullviewLove Knows…
For P.

Love knows how to find its way back home.
It never gets lost forever in the void.
It sometimes strays a ways for days,
but takes all the shortcuts on its return.

It can be so capricious, not even love knows what it wants
It can run away to figure it out, but with time it always does
It can be mortally wounded and yet it can get strong again
It can cry and lose all hope, then fill with hope and run back.
It can forgive and it can forget.
It can forgive and forget.
It always forgives and forgets…..and is love again
And it loves again… because it’s really love and love knows.

Love knows how to find its way back home.
It never gets lost forever in the void.
It sometimes strays a ways for days,
but takes all the shortcuts on its return.

Karima Hoisan
December 26, 2019
Costa Rica

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Ahh December…A Month of Anniversaries and Milestones

It was four years ago this month, Karima was sitting, reading in her garden

 It was four years ago this month,  Karima was sitting, reading in her garden, most likely a book of verse, when someone said to her,
“I am watching the Discovery Channel on my television and they are talking about a strange virtual world, they call it Second Life.”
Luckily she was reading on her laptop (smiles) so she put in the address he told her, and before she knew it, she was yelling from the garden to the house,

“Oh what fun, I will make an avatar, and choose a name.
I am going to be “the girl-next-door model”
“What do you think of the name “Karima Hoisan”?

“Ha ha I am learning how to fly.”
“I just had a conversation with a parrot”
“This looks pretty amazing… Come see!”
I took the first photograph of myself, which would be the first of thousands, and not knowing how to use my camera very well, was a straight noob shot from behind.

and then I fell off of Avatar Island and landed on what would be my home..forever

 and then I fell off of Avatar Island and landed, on what would be my home…forever.
How many memories, tears, laughter, learning curves, creative flops and successes, loves, losses, dreams in windlight, frustrations, and moments of utter bliss, in these last four years?!! Family was born, and some were lost, friends were made, tested with time and they lasted..some left themselves  along the way, and didn’t make it to today, while some disappeared into the night, like fog.
If I had it to do all over again, I would in a heart beat.
Second Life  changed my life in way, that four years later I am coming to understand, and to harvest and collect the creative fruits, daily, monthly, yearly.
Then one year ago this month, an idea that was born almost in the first few weeks of my Second Life journey, was realized in the publishing of my first poetry book in world, entitled, “Digital Rabbit Hole” My publisher BellaLuna Galaxy suggested, no actually she insisted, I start a blog too at the same time, to promote my book,  announce my readings, or for whatever I might want to share with those who enjoyed my poetry. I could not imagine at the time, what I would ever say in a blog, and fought this idea, pretty insistently…until I lost. I was sort of like a SouthPark character walking away, mumbling to herself,
“Ok. Ok. I’ll keep a blog (grrr) Sheesh@!”
Now a year later, I look back so fondly, and see BellaLuna knew what I never could imagine, that a blog, takes on its own life, and through it, I have had so many incredible experiences, and inspirations, so many friends, who I connected with even more deeply by sharing my posts with them, and the whole year has been an amazing experience. I tried, sometimes less successfully than others, new things, new mediums for me and art forms. Stories were born, videos were made, and adventures were had.
If I had it to do all over again, I would in a heart beat.
I close with this video, the first ever made for me, by my friend Fidel, another Second Life jewel discovered when I wasn’t even looking for jewels. This was the promotional video for my official book launching on Galaxy Isle, and those who were there, will testify that we crashed the sim that day. Milestones and Memories of December! Thank you all for making my Second Life and this blog such a joyous experience for me.. Happy Holidays to you, and thank you for letting me show and share and learn to love you.

Thin Air

In this thin air of real life
Only duty can call me to return
For nothing is as glorious as a
Sunset in windlight,
Descending sphere we’ve come to love
Hypnotizing glow and burn.

Oh Second Life you swallowed me
Took me by surprise,
Creative rapture!
I am the willing victim
Of your virtual possession,
Digital rabbit hole…
How you enthrall then capture.

I dream in your reflecting colors
Of shifting shapes,
I weep to see so much beauty on your  shores,
And in the souls of
Some few special ones
I find I burst into
Emoting seeds and spores.

I stand in awe and let myself be moved.
Love here knocks , it calls in  many ways.
My door is always open
To your changing scenes,
My heart expands with each
Oxygen -rich day

I breathe you in,
so full of life, spontaneous laughter
How thin the air above ,
all day the grey it makes me choke,
I almost lost the will to live
just could not see a why for it
‘Til I was rezzed upon your land
Oh, changed forever after.

Karima Hoisan
March 21,2008
Costa Rica

An excerpt from
“Digital Rabbit Hole”
copyright 2010 all rights reserved

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La Caja de Oro – The Gold Box


La Caja de Oro
Para E.

Me dijiste:
“Este momento..este momento exacto que estamos viviendo
quiero guardarlo en una caja de oro…
cada pensamiento, cada palabra suspirada
cada paso, cada segundo, cada gemido.”

Te dije:
“Yo soy tu poeta, y para ti, construyo esta cajita
con solo mis humildes palabras y mis pobres estrofas
con mi amor, tejo el techo con mosaicos de nuestra historia
con estos meses de pasión, de lujuria y sequía y espera
Con los dolores propios y los de todos que nos rodean
Con lágrimas de risa y llantos de frustración
Te voy a regalarte esta cajita para los recuerdos
los momentos únicos que hemos vivido, y que seguimos viviendo
Tu decides cuales son que tu quieres guardar,
y yo estiro los lados cuando la caja se llena
y yo estiro mi corazón para amarte más cada día.”

The Gold Box
For E.

You told me:
“This moment … this exact moment we are living…
I want to store it, in a gold box …
Every thought, every sighed word
Every step, every second, every moan.”

I told you:
“I am your poet, and for you, I build this little box
With only my humble words and my poor stanzas.
With my love, I weave the roof with mosaics of our history
With these months of passion, lust and drought and waiting
With our own pains and those of everyone around us
With tears of laughter and tears of frustration
I’m going to give you this little box for memories
the unique moments that we have lived, and that we continue to live
You decide which ones you want to save,
 and I will stretch the sides when the box is full
and I will stretch my heart to love you more each day.”

Karima Hoisan
December 11, 2019
Second Life

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Boom! Connection!

abstract-background-neon-blue-lights-energy-wave-motion-135069010 2
Boom! Connection!
for Maria

If it’s true what they now say,
That my memories float off into the invisible everything,
Trailing behind me and the earth all mixed up connecting,
All of us to each other and every moment to every other;
My joy is to tap into those swirling trails and bring down my poetry.

It’s no surprise to me, that every word I write, has already been written;
Been whispered in love, over and over in every language, in every way,
Until my past might be your future, and yours, the beginning of a poem.
I just sit, the stenographer of collective consciousness, copying it all to paper…
And feeling humbled and blessed to have been given my waypoint of creativity.

We have only just begun to realize the meaning of, “Nothing new under the sun.”
We shine bright then we fade, every thought in our lives still somewhere.
Nothing lost and yet nothing new, we recycle each other, and form our own collages.
You say you know what I mean and who knows? You might even be part of the dream,
The one I had last night; I might have drifted into your memory stream and….
Boom! Connection!

Karima Hoisan
December 1, 2019
Costa Rica

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