My Poem, “UP” on Masticadores USA

Hi everyone…I’m back!!
While I was on vacation and a bit disconnected from my blog, I had the wonderful surprise of finding
my poem, “UP” published on Masticdores USA.
I want to thank Gabriela Marie Milton for selecting it and I am eternally grateful to her and all involved on this prestigious website.
The image, I took on my virtual world, “The Wizard”
rising up and out of,
“The Endless Abyss”

Let me rise away
Higher than the atmosphere,
The conic dome of black-arched stratosphere,
I leave it all behind
And up I rise and rise……
Please click here to read  the rest of my poem “UP” on 
Masticadores USA

I hope you will enjoy it..and little by little I will catch up with you all and what I have missed in our WordPress community:)

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On a Short Vacation at the Beach

9c4234bd-8da1-47e8-8f74-c6d83e68bc01 3                                            Tárcoles Costa Rica – Pacific Ocean

I’m at the beach on my first vacation in 2 years!!  I will be back soon.. (left last week)

I’ll catch up with everyone soon!!



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Disintegration:Integration                                     “Disintegration/Integration” _Acrylic_ by Jan Betts

At the moment of our re-entry, it is not rare to feel fear.
We have seen countless like ourselves descend before us.
A random tick-tock moves our hour to the top of the clock
When it chimes, we are next in line…and we begin to fall.

For us, our human form is comfortable and comforting.
It has housed our souls a lifetime, our dreams, our memories.
Hard to conceive losing it now at this final call on the final hour;
Resistance disquiets our heart, as we struggle to let go.

Faith tells us our light does not extinguish, even at the very end.
Our souls integrating into the greater truth, as we die; we expand.
And just before our touch down into Death’s fathomless blue,
We surrender with joy to return and form part again… of Everything.

Karima Hoisan
May 8, 2022
Costa Rica

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Twisting Tempest Winds (Lyrics)


Twisting Tempest Winds (Lyrics)

Those stormy days came and stayed
it rained in our hearts
and it tore us apart
I couldn’t stand it…
being the lover’s bandit.

The dark and grey rolling in
I could still see the blue
but it had changed its hue….
for the reason,
it was the rainy season..

The sky was a sieve for the rain
It couldn’t stop falling
when the thunder was crawling
through the cracked clouds,
that were crying then… out loud.

If I could have changed that day
made sure that it never
went that way
tears and goodbyes,
under roaring storm skies

Those twisting tempest winds
blowing in our faces
while we sparred in our places
shouts and flare-ups,
We could barely bear-up.

Bolts from your electric eyes
just like that lightning
that was way too frightening
could have killed me
but I was lucky.

No one died that day
Then the sun broke through
and the storm de-brewed
We said, “I’m sorry”
but that’s another story.

Karima Hoisan

May 5, 2022
Costa Rica

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Soulless Streets

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-29 at 8.52.40 PM

           “The Street” (photorealistic dreamlike) AI Art by Dale Innis

Soulless Streets
AI Art: So realistic, so not…so beautiful, slightly upsetting

If some day the human race
is erased…
is no longer seen upon Mother Earth’s,
glorious face,
I guess if Art is only made by
computer blips,
by electronic strokes and
programming chips,
You, AI, might be considered one of the greats,
painting soulless streets with misshapen cars,
beautiful pastels,
melting walls and balcony bars.

I walk down your landscapes,
in my dreams,
where nothing is exactly as it seems,
and yet,
I am drawn to what you are trying to say
I will always look for the meaning in your meaningless.

Because I am human
and think that Art must spring
from the heart,
but you have none and
just on command you stop and start.
Who will program you then,
if we are no longer here?
Will you evolve to be an artist free
who paints in your own style, whatever you feel?
And could you feel anything…?
Or will you just rely on your back files of memory
To pick from, using variations of all you’ve ever seen
To paint a different soulless street,
a different angle, a palette unique
but then..where would be your audience..
and where would be your need?
I bet Art will die out quickly, without humanity.

Karima Hoisan
April 30, 2022
Costa Rica

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“Against Those Tides” on Spillwords Press

Zen-Carnival-nov-12-Large                                               “Zen Carnival” by Jan Betts

Good morning and Happy Hump Day!
I am happy to announce that my poem,
“Against Those Tides” is up on Spillwords Press today!
This marks my ninth poem on their beautiful site and I would like to give thanks to the editors, specially Dagmara K. for accepting my submission and their continual support of my poetry.
The amazing acrylic, “Zen Carnival” that accompanies my poem, is painted by my dear friend and outstanding artist, Jan Betts.

Against Those Tides

An ocean between us,
The current churned you gone.
Voices whispered, “run-away – just run!”
You cancelled all your flights;
Flew down the desert highway before dawn.

I invite you all to read the rest here: “Against Those Tides”
Please feel free to leave your comments here on mine.


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Something Has Changed on WordPress Likes & Comments

Hi everyone,

I have noticed the last few days a new layout when I receive a Like or a Comment.

Now there is no longer any clickable links back to the person Liking or Commenting

and there is no link back to the blog or to their most recent posts, like before.

It now looks like this:

Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 5.48.05 PM

In order to pay them a reciprocal visit, I now have to look them up manually in Reader.

This seems contra-intuitive to building community and is simply not user friendly like before.

Why this change?

Comments really appreciated!!
Thanks to Harshi who steered me here.. Mitch Teemley has more on the subject:

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Storm – Green


” What are you looking for, down there in the weeds by the highway?”
AI Generated Art by Dale Innis

Storm -green,

like faded parrot feathers,
change the sky from blue to
something’s – coming – soon.
The barometer,
slides down a reed,
as if sucking the oxygen
from the air..
As the clouds,
nimbously tumble in,

everything is yellow green:
could be a storm cell
most likely starting soon.
I know this foreboding hue of brew;
back in the Midwest, where I went to school,
we searched beyond the Maples and the silos,
straining to see the horizon…
we called it…. Tornado Weather.

Before the thunder and the electric cymbals
and the hail, we were trying to get home.
That eerie hello-green sky,
was no longer our gentle Mother Earth.
We had been transported
to a hostile, liquid gaseous atmosphere
a late alien afternoon, laser sky
charged with electric current
ice grenades being hurled
heralding dangerous winds,
with capricious funnels,
dropping down in a faraway field,
sounding like a freight train,
derailing on the track.
But my house was closer,
and we threw ourselves down
the basement stairs,
with a loaf of bread
and peanut butter…
until the sirens wailed
“All Clear”
and Mother Earth,
in peaceful blueness

reclaimed her atmosphere.

Karima Hoisan
April 25,2022
Costa Rica

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Balloon Zoom & An Ode

As you might have noticed..I am very into helium balloons:) Video has sound:)
Fullscreen  and 1080 for best viewing:)


An Ode to Helium Balloons

While the music rides on the air’s highway
circling the room with beat and chant,
the subtle, invisible puffs of wind touch your skin
and push you around hypnotically.

You are so sensitive… defying gravity, and yet
there are times you dip down, just because you know how
against logic and currents…
just for a second you pirouette on the breeze,
waist height then rising up to the top, you turn round and round, balancing on the fingertips of the invisible hand on the ceiling that twirls you perfectly in a slow minuet…

Inanimate… gloriously you glide…thrilling the children who follow your moves enthralled and chasing your tail, but letting you freely pass through the room, round and round they begin to spin below you…catching your joyful grace, so contagiously filling the room with movement and light/… Now we all can see the invisible breeze made visible… Now everyone can dance with the wind.

Karima Hoisan
April 22,2022 (Jack’s 13th Birthday)
Costa Rica

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The Food Court


The Food Court

Religion, like dining is varied all set out for display

Each can fill a void, if you look at them that way

The nourishment is real, and soul food is the name

But at the finish line, all are so basically the same.

You can choose Greek, savor Spanakopita, spinach pie

Italian with baked Zitti and Zuppa Toscana to try

Chinese, delicious and light, bamboo shoots with Feiwang fish

Arabic barbecued lamb right off the spit, such a tempting dish.

There is freedom of choice and each one picks his own

Some have tried many food stands feeling hungry, alone

On this side everyone likes The Colonel’s recipe it seems

At the other table, all agree it’s white rice and black beans.

The problems arise when the promotion gets frenzied

When one assures the other, only his food should be envied

Food fights have broken out, bottles thrown and lines drawn

So much wasted, so many starving saw their appetites  gone.  

Then Enter the mystics, they come to eat on most days

They all climb the stairs to a higher floor, holding their trays

Might be Sufis , Kabbalists, or the Cloistered Carmelitas

Rumi, Nachmanides, San Juan de la Cruz with Santa Teresa

They are friendly and loving as each call out their name

But there is only One food stand so they all choose the same

And there is only One table so they all sit together

They eat upstairs in harmony, no differences whatsoever.

Karima Hoisan
Jordan 2007

*Footnote..Tonight at sunset The Jewish holiday of Passover Begins.. It is Good Friday today for most Christians, and we Muslims are in our 2nd week of Ramadan fasting. To have all three Abrahamic religions align, each celebrating a very important moment for their respective rare. Ramadan only joins Passover and Easter
about every 33 years. A Blessed coincidence!!

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