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I’d Like To Order…

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Thoughts on the New Year

When the past comes around, right at the end, and dances us in a waltz or a complicated slow dance, should we resist, because soon, it will be a new year? Does the year not move along the rim of … Continue reading

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In This Holiday Season…

Enjoy your friends and family, good food and generosity! Thank you all for your support, love and loyalty… “when we do those things we do!”

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Exist to Exist

Some things are what they are and nothing more. They exist to exist and even if we don’t see, taste, feel hear or smell them, they jut out and rise up and stay when all else has sluffed away. Even … Continue reading

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Sometimes When You Lose, You Win!

The UWA award ceremony has ended, and this year the judges did not see fit to award us a place in the Top 10. Ironically, I was awarded 1st prize for audience participation (trying to second-guess what the judge’s Top … Continue reading

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The UWA Awards Sunday-6amslt-Join Us!

We’re smiling because no matter what happens tomorrow … We Are The Team! Dressed in Menubar Memorial’s great poster turned t-shirt, (via the Gimp expertise of Nat), we are here to invite you to join us tomorrow at the The … Continue reading

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