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Paradise Lost…a Priceless Gift Found in Second Life

I’m going to gush once again about the amazing creativity that can be found in Second Life. I know a few of my readers are not Slers, so I turn my attention towards you, and tell you, when it comes … Continue reading

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Achtung, jetzt kommt…

Ok..I just had to reblog this post of Nat’s in German..and I will translate it so you can get what it means. This is Nat’s take on my little “Kartoon House by The Tracks” a 512 Mainland piece in Epirrhoe … Continue reading

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Remembering The Boston Bombings & Other Horrors A Year Ago

Filtered Posted on April 17, 2013 by Karima Hoisan Filtered Filtered, because otherwise we would all o.d. on Life. Better to latch the dirt to our eyes the rose tints. I know the poets; they would be screaming first. Keep … Continue reading

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Brand New

This poem is a shoot pushing through the ground It’s Spring. It’s April, a bud curled up so fresh it has no idea What it wants to be. It just knows Why it wants to be… It wants to be … Continue reading

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Second Life: Yes, Where Theater is Virtually Alive, Innovative, and Entertaining!

Sooo, last night I had the great pleasure of being in the audience, and witness to a true Second Life Theatrical Experience. I am talking about the incredible Production by Idle Rogue (Home of the uber-popular “Guerilla Burlesque”) of “Le … Continue reading

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Soot-Stained Sheet

Please click the .wav link to hear the poem recited to original music: .wav recording Soot-Stained Sheet Take me outside…to breathe the air around your hair, to walk down city streets while holding hands, navigating through the human flow, we … Continue reading

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