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Short Prose Poetry Contest – Honorable Mention

Karima Hoisan, inspired by Sahara,The Stars of Wadi Rum author’s site After the devoured lamblicking our fingers clean2 million stars of Wadi Rumpulling our eyesup to the skyYou hooked my little pinkiewith yoursas we lay in the sandhearing the adolescent boyplaying … Continue reading

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Type-cast by Love

“Amor” by Jack Vettriano Type-cast by Love Even the bad tastes good in my historywhen I turn back the pagesand yes, it was all about love, all aboutthe many ways and forms I was molded,shaped by love, by the sleepless … Continue reading

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New Paint

New Paint The workman are tapping on the walls since 6 a.m. Instead of sanding 50 years of paint they chip chip away the old and ready it to be painted anew. Ironically, the new color, will be the original … Continue reading

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My Poem,”Way With Words” on Spillwords Press

Hello everyone,I am happy to share today, that my poem, “Way With Words” is now up on Spillwords Press.This is my 7th poem chosen for their site, and once again I am grateful to the editors and all at Spillwords, … Continue reading

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A La Virtual

By the blue virtual sea… The waves lap and roll and their energy, liquid bubbles of blue, rise up, passing through me to my brain from my toes. I feel as well as see and in this moment I am … Continue reading

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The Natascha Randt Memorial on Kitely -Virtual Worlds

Hi everyone…Ever since the passing of my creative partner and best friend, Natascha, I have been building her memorial…and now it is finished! For those of you with virtual avatars in Opensim, you can access it here  The Natascha Randt … Continue reading

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