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Subconsciously *To hear me recite it, to the music that inspired it, click HERE I let myself fall into the mirrored dream-sleep of hazy memories, of dark nightmares coming down from the ceiling..cages descending over me. My machine-like finger tips..pick … Continue reading

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Nights At The Big Top

Nights At The Big Top   We swing towards each other and then swing back… like a high flying circus act, I’m afraid if I jump, you will lose your grip. I’m afraid if I show what I’m feeling, I … Continue reading

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Seba Sideways is Back! @ The New Kari’s Kantina del Mar

I’m posting a very special invitation today…Come to my newly remodeled Kantina and welcome a very well-known and loved performer back to Second Life. Seba Sideways, who is from Argentina, and has been away about……8 years??!! Well a long long … Continue reading

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Unique 100 candles burning on the tables and the floor each one danced and flickered with the salt-sprayed wind; but one was a little different than all the rest, it moved to another force, something not outside but within. When … Continue reading

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Vector’s Vortex:Blue Rotation by Natascha Randt

Hi everyone, 5 years ago, right after I finished my world, “Vector’s Vortex” on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand, Nat went in with her cool eye and navigator and her best  cyborg look and took some shots of the … Continue reading

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