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Two Tornados

Two Tornados Two tornados dancing down the cobblestones, parting the sleeves of weeds, just being what they are…full of electric charge and swirling winds, fearful majesty, power and awe.. tornados without a care. Skipping over fences then dropping down in … Continue reading

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Now You See Me

Now You See Me inspired by the painting of the same name- artist, Markus Akesson In every human being that breathes..there lies a mystery, A coded cocktail, trying to balance disorder and symmetry, Deeper than we could ever go or … Continue reading

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Mas Allá Del Balcón/Beyond The Balcony

*A Poem written in Spanish & English Mas Allá Del Balcón Las olas 20 metros de lejos.. suenan como si estuvieran reventando allí mismo.. abajo de tus pies. Los truenos sorprendentes Los relámpagos electrificando el aire ya cargado de magia … Continue reading

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The Mountain, my 17th World on Kitely, is OPEN!

Sooo my 17th virtual world on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand, is now open for exploring and discovering. The Mountain is a “surprise” and if you follow our simple instructions, we hope you will  be, very pleasantly surprised:) Don’t … Continue reading

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