"Curve" by Chrome Underwood "...Now where did you think you were going?"

for Chrome Underwood the artist
music:  “Pretty 50S” by David Lynch & John Neff

Time can curve back around on itself like a mountain highway,
the daylight is not a guarantee that everything will turn out all right.
Blind curves surprise as much as the lottery they say,
sometimes a blinding flash of intersection
turns noon into eternal night.
Where did you think you were going?

Does it all flash by you as you sail off from asphalt into air?
Do you think of those you are leaving behind?
If there are witnesses.. do you really care?
Are those last memories, the last visions you see?
Prom night and contraband, sleeping in the backseat,
wanting and feeling the need,
the windows rolled down on your father’s borrowed car,
while you both pay worship to the speed.
Where did you think you were going?

What are the last sounds you hear as the grill breaks through the rail,
a bull moaning in a pasture for a love cow along the trail,
the chopper’s  down shifting of gears coming up on your tail,
or a cartoon -red truck climbing up the next grade,
sitting on his horn waking you up,
just in time to see his bumper, and hear yourself wail?
Where did you think you were going?

Karima Hoisan
Dec. 29, 2010
Virtual Gallery Linc Island SL

*Please read my comment about the painting and artist

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6 Responses to “Curve”

  1. I want to comment on this painting and poem.
    The first time I saw Chrome Underwood’s “Bang” another incredible painting from his brilliant artistic mind, I knew that:
    1. I would write a poem for it
    2. I hoped to someday meet the artist.
    Well I was fortunate to do both, and this turning point, this benevolent curve in my highway, was the beginning point of a back and forth mutual co-inspirational exchange where I have now written four poems to his paintings, “Bang” to “Lover Come Back”, “War Paint” and now this my latest “Curve”
    Ironically the painting “War Paint” was created for one of my earlier poems “Galloping Horses” and appears in my recently published book “Digital Rabbit Hole”
    Yet when I saw the painting I was moved to write a new fiery apocalyptic one that is very “unlike me” and totally different than my first.
    At a wonderful Exposition at “Pirats SAS Art Gallery” which is on now until Jan.26th 2011, I had the chance to see Chrome’s paintings in a representative progression which spans his artistic career from the 70’s until present time. It is fascinating to see his retro works alongside his newest creations. “Curve” was one of these earlier pieces and it was love at first sight when I saw it.I had to convince him to set it for sale so I could buy it. The poem came quickly, and for me did capture the feeling produced as I was transported to another time and place at the moment of a less “benevolent curve” on Life’s highway.
    I recommend Chrome’s latest post “Chrome goes Retro” in his blog http://www.chromeneversleeps.com to learn more about this gifted and very versatile artist that today I count as a creative and sincerely wonderful virtual friend.


  2. Thanks so much for another moving glimpse into the cosmic journey, Karima. Seems it doesn’t matter whether we ride galloping horses or steer little red trucks, we can rest assured that another surprise awaits us around the next bend. All the more reason to keep our eyes on the road ahead. Smiles.

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  3. This opening is so strong!

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  4. Thank you again for connecting to it all:)


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