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April 18th

This post was first published in 2013. My father died on April 18th, when I was twelve years old. This is the first poem I have ever written about that, and it is more than a few decades later. Every … Continue reading

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This Too Is An Act of Charity

When you put down your phone a minute and go to you grandmother’s room,and sit in a chair close by her bed, and ask her,“Gramma, tell me how it was, before?… before all the carsand sickness and internet; tell me … Continue reading

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The Lightness of Ramadan

The Lightness of Ramadan The lightness of Ramadan, is like a gossamer blowing randomly in a breeze, like walking on the moon, gravity barely touching me. springing then floating with every step..and stopping to just look and see, all that … Continue reading

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My Poem, “Attitude,” On Spillwords Press

I am once again very grateful to Spillwords Press for publishing my fourth poem,“Attitude” on their site. I invite my readers to visit their site and read it there…. Attitude can be everything…can’t it?Click the link to read “Attitude” on … Continue reading

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Ramadan Kareem! Ramadan Mubarak!

I am reposting this because it holds much nostalgia for me. Because of Covid, this year, I will not be in Jordan with the family. This picture was taken in 2007. Ramadan begins tomorrow inshAllah. Ramadan Gift (Triple Cinquain) 


As … Continue reading

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Indifference: a dull blade, the petite agony, a paranoia trap, with spring latch I’m not avoiding you; it’s not always about you, so lighten up. I’m busy and first things first, then I just need some time to relax. I’m … Continue reading

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Dark, Fluff & Snug

Dark, fluff and snug are impressions in my memory.Squished so tight, but all safe when the wild wind blows.All the different songs, near and far; I wonder which one I will sing?That fluffy weight above us, is a stopper for … Continue reading

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The Cold Road-A Song with Images

O.K. I am really putting myself out here:)  as this is my singing debut on my blog, YouTube, The Universe. Be kind:) From the moment I wrote this as lyrics on March 15th, I knew I had to sing it…but  … Continue reading

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I Miss Violet

I miss Violet… the days of Violet.. when she roamed the streets and shops and forests, the innocence of a brand new world, building itself without a plan.. When all was new and the virtual world was a looking glass … Continue reading

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The Cold Road (Lyrics)

The Cold Road You broke my heart, even though you didn’t want to. I know you love me, just maybe not in ways that I do. Without intention, you said some things that hurt me. My heart is fragile, it … Continue reading

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