“Minted Breath”

“Whiter, than marble’s light, oh skin so pale…”

music: “I Envy The Wind” by Lucinda Williams \”I Envy The Wind\”

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“Minted Breath”
for U.

Whiter, than marble’s light, oh skin so pale,
Red, thy lips more scarlet after kissing
Silver minted breath, on chilled night’s trail
Black shone hair, moonless embrace, now missing.
Touch my heart, invite me in your veil.
Walk with me once more, in dreams of wishing.
Stop now, I press my cheek to your exhale.
Look, thine eyes betray my reminiscing.
But why? What turned this vibrancy to death?
Your life force ambles lost, unknown to me.
Because we dared to share even our breath,
Cruel offense, the eyes of jealous envy!

Torn apart, oh world, with your leave taking,
Blessed rest escapes this soul now breaking.

Karima Hoisan
Jan. 6th 2005

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