From Puppy Ears To Arias

Originalia~ Amase Levasseur's beautiful new sim for Sl Art

I was invited as part of the press to get a sneak preview of the Opening of Originalia, a sim owned and envisioned by Amase Levasseur who is dedicating it to art in SL. The grand opening will be Sunday Feb. 27th at 3pmslt and this is one you don’t want to miss.
She has given a 1/4 sim to each artist with ample prims to let their imaginations flow and flow they did.
I landed in the gallery and cammed up and around to see a  perfect structure for showing art. Elegant, open,simple angles, with lighting that invited rather than overpowered the art and the viewer.
Rag Randt’s latest show entitled “Doggie Dreams” was displayed on both the main and upper level of the gallery. If you are a dog lover and have ever mused what goes on inside those doggy heads (I have), this clever series will let you know, while delighting you. His original drawings have been deconstructed and transformed into 3D versions.
Some of these Diorama-like boxes have particles and are scripted and  I smiled box after box. My favorite “Quenched Thirst” appears here below, and was probably the first “bathroom fantasy” to make me laugh.
"Quenched Thirst" by Rag RandtFollowing the path over the stones and turning my settings to midnight I came to the dreamy tropical gardens featuring
Em Larsson’s “Temporal Dreams” I walked along a moon-lit path of sensual plant-life, with these beautiful images popping out, becoming more visible as I got closer to them. This technique she uses of varying opacity, captures the mood she was trying to create and echos the title of her show, for as you walk away, they too fade, as the next one ahead begins to appear.

Dreamy tropical gardens of Em Larsen's exhibition

From Temporal Dreams by Em Larsen

I loved her use of time pieces in every one of them, from antique clocks to digital…Time is part of all her dream visions, perhaps reminding us how we never have enough of it, and even when we sleep and dream it goes on ticking.  I walked away wanting to stay more, and the feeling that I must return, lingered inside my own temporal wishes.

Time is part of all her dream visions

Following the stones over the bridge the lighting began to glow in beautiful shades of indigo and dark royal blues (my most favorite colors) and I was on a foggy path of  swamp sounds and fireflies that led up to Scottius Polke’s “The Docks”, his latest, and for me, most emotionally beautiful installation. I am an admirer of Scottius for many years now and his sculptures and art works  grace my own sim  Misty Shores Linc Island. For me personally, this is his most brilliant offering from the depths of his super-charged subconscious. As I said to him in IM,” I bounced on beds in mushROOM and rode stingrays through Lunamaruna but sitting on The Docks, I was mesmerized, hypnotized, and  forced to write a poem.”  The Docks is nothing less than “magical and musing art” or as my fellow reporter Camille Topaz said to me, “This is Second Life at its best” I agree, and let my poem speak the final words on how it moved me.  Please read it here and put on the music to capture the whole mood.

"...Second Life at its best."

I followed the path past the lobster traps and shack, and pushed through the veil until I came to a stairway that led into the final art offering of this wonderful eclectic mix of dreams on Originalia I was asked to allow windlight to change my settings which added a  glow hiding artistically to what was waiting at the end of the path
“Aria” by Eliza Wierwight pulls the viewer into the passageway that begins very dark, yet sensual, with glowing pieces of art on both sides, a compelling tunnel-like path  leading and winding to an open area which is essentially the climax of the piece.

"Aria"by Eliza Wierwight

an eye-stopping flash of light

There is a spot where a shaft of light shines down through a beveled glass window into a pottery that is both evocative of the Old World Masters and cleansing with its light.  I passed, hanging glowing imagery against the black walls,  sculptures and then… The low arched ceiling  opened to a  stairway, the higher level lit by candles in glass elegant with the music of an Aria singing through the corridors surrounding everything. I felt the sensation that the musical aria birthed this artful build,  instead of being added on as an afterthought . The climax is on an open dark deck of elegant wood..reminiscent of
Bayron Grayson’s Templum ex Obscurum,
Ameron Oldrich’s Eilean Donan of Eigg. However the voice that sings and weaves her spell is distinctly female. Beautiful all- immersive piece, the stage is set, combining the visual and the musical in majestic specter- elegance and hinted longing.

the voice is definitely feminine

This is one Art / Sim opening not to be missed. Feb. 27th at 3pmslt.. (Closed to the public until then)

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3 Responses to From Puppy Ears To Arias

  1. Eliza Wierwight says:

    It’s been remiss of me not to comment here earlier . Just wanted to thank you Karima for your generous support of our collective works at Originalia. It was a genuine pleasure to meet you Inworld to.



  2. Well you are very welcome Eliza and what a wonderful and inspiring surprise for me too to discover Amase Levasseur’s beautiful Originalia showcasing artists like yourself who truly are “food for the soul” I laughed with Rag, dreamed with Em, felt a blue chill with Scottius, and then was lulled and soothed and brought to perfect peace by your Aria..just a really unique collective experience..I am so glad I was able to meet you too. Look forward to see all your future installations too


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