Renacimiento ~ Rebirth

"Bear down on drab sludge! Watch the crowning head of dreams be born!"

please open music link while you read the poem “No Volveré “Gyspy Kings

Renacimiento ~ Rebirth

(dedicated to Isabel Hermano, the artist)

To be reborn from sticky clay, thick silt and stagnant fading hopes,
Like an organism beginning its’ first wiggle out of algae into complex Life.
Deep inside a mud hole, brilliant hues get pushed up to the waiting surface,
Bear down on drab sludge! Watch the crowning head of dreams be born!

Is this not how it all began, all life upon The Dreamer’s  first born shore?
Only one can take a stagnant pond and give it breeze of sweet perfume,
An elixir of renewing, a remolding of the damaged fecund core,
And warmed by light, compassion’s mirror, it is refreshed into first breath.

There is no birth without a lingering pain before this crowning,
But from what seems like doomed decay, the first Spring shoots extend,
Regenerating, opening, our spirit born, even when we think it buried,
Through our own labors taught by pain, the Artist’s sculpting tools of grace.

Moonlight… Sunlight… Starlight… all now shine upon your glowing head.
The first new intake fills your lungs and clears the way as out you come.
After -tremors pulsate, you leave behind your own self-birthing womb,
Oh mystery that re-gifts our starting over, colors us into the land of living!

Karima Hoisan
March 11, 2011
Virtual Art Gallery, Linc Island SL
©2011 all rights reserved

*please see my comment on the artist

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6 Responses to Renacimiento ~ Rebirth

  1. I have Rag Randt to thank for introducing me to Isabel Hermano. When I saw Isabel’s “Renacimiento” at her gallery I was captivated. I felt a powerful and positive poem in the image and I announced that I thought I would write about it soon.
    Today I had the time and the privilege to sit in front of it, undisturbed, until my own verse was born from her visual conception of Rebirth.
    Here is the slurl to her island gallery. I hope you will visit soon and see more of her beautiful paintings.


  2. missyrothmanay says:

    wow …the image and the words …just beautiful 🙂
    i was holding my breath during this one.


  3. Karima – I´m overwhelmed how you put in words, what I was going through, before and during this painting. How could you know, how could you feel exactly……if I wouldn`t know better, I would say, it is a miracle…..But it is more than that ***
    And even this music….its so close to my heart. I was collecting over a hundred Gipsy King songs over the past years.
    I`m deeply grateful for the possibility to meet you ( thank you RAG !! ) and for this shining poem – gift !


    • Smiling now:) What is the greatest gift a poet can receive who has just been inspired by a painting? It’s that the artist of that painting comes forth and says how much she has been inspired by my poem…full circle inspiration and it makes my own heart sing.:) You call it a miracle almost that my words, the music I chose, touched your own experience behind this painting..and yet I feel as artists you show us so much in your art of things like this, we (the poets and the lovers of art) just need to take a bit of time, really looking at it to let it be revealed. Thank you for your generosity of spirit to tell me my poem touched you. I truly appreciate this and am thankful to SL and mutual friends for getting the chance to know you..lovely artist with a new born life.


  4. Emile Sands says:

    Oh! What a wonderful, dreamy birth of spring. I just love it!


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