Poetry Afternoon at The Criss Museum Sat. July 30th 5pmslt

The Criss Museum of Contemporary Art in Second Life, one of the first artistic venues in SL that invited me to read my poetry, has called me back again, for a reading, this coming Saturday at 5pmslt. Katie and Scottj Criss, the proud owners, are celebrating a new location for their beautiful and tasteful gallery, that is home to some of the finest virtual  and real life art to be found in SL.
I will be reading for an hour at 5pmslt, my original poetry, many that were inspired by paintings and artists I first met at the Criss. I will also be performing for the first time in public, a poem, “Her Name Was Noor” that is deeply close to my heart, inspired by a painting by Sigfred Rodenberger. I have chosen, as always a collective mix of themes, styles. imagery and music to go along with them. So, I would like to invite all interested to join us on Saturday July 30th at the Criss. Come early or stay late, but see the great artists who are now showing:
Filthy Fluno
Bonafidenutts Aries
DavidWeiner Resident
Luko Enoch
Take a walk through their wonderful newly landscaped garden island and enjoy some fun poses too.
They also have a new Helipad and helicopter to take for a ride and paddle boats, so plan an afternoon at the Criss this coming Saturday.
Here is the taxi to fly you in safely: The Criss Museum
I hope you will join me and as always …enjoy the experience of the spoken word in a beautiful location.

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1 Response to Poetry Afternoon at The Criss Museum Sat. July 30th 5pmslt

  1. Sigfred Rodenberger says:

    Due to RL commitments and general chaos I couldn’t attend the read. I sincerely hope there was good response…especially on my favorite:”Her name was Noor”..:-)….thx for writing that piece and thx for extending artwork/paintings even further with your words. For making the pieces larger, broader….epic…all the best from your fan Sigfred….


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