“DB Shoots DB”

Someone asked me what this title, which is the title of my latest YouTube offering, really meant, as it could be taken in the more literal “Bang Bang” sense, instead of the photographic one. Well this latest offering of poetry, music and imagery was created for an architect, artist and photographer who has done more to stimulate my own muse, than just about anyone I know in either world, my friend DB Bailey in Second Life, David Denton Architect out there in the physical world. His current Installation on the virtual campus of Stanford University Libraries, was created to celebrate the opening of a new Library on the Stanford Campus in Real life. He chose the title “DB Shoots DB” as it was designed to showcase his photography that he has shot and collected from his many builds and installations here in Second Life. This is more of an RL event than an SL one, but the installation will be up for awhile, and I think it deserves to be visited just to be able to enter and be surrounded by the beautifully unique structure he has created for the occasion. His photographs will be displayed as a rotating slide show and also will be seen in his rooms made from them. There is a movie screen that you can watch a streaming version of the YouTube below.
I must say that working with DB has been both a challenge (bordering on the traumatic) but very rewarding  too. The part that makes his builds always so interesting and alluring is also the part that makes it a little hard to keep up with him and pin him down on when he thinks it’s “finished” His Art is in a constant state of change..and flux..It is always changing, and perhaps that is why he has such a vast collection of photos on Flickr (David Denton Photostream). I am witness to the fact that photos shot in the morning and then shot again a few hours later, might look like a totally different place in time and space. One time when I was writing “The Colored Dreams”, I welled up in tears as a place I was using and was going to use again for my illustrations looked like a hurricane had hit it, it was in blown down and tumbled disarray. When I said “What have you done here to this beautiful room? “He answered, and this is a paraphrase, but basically he said “Don’t get too attached to anything I build, because I don’t.” I realized then, that was how it was, and he lived his Art and his gift in that zen moment of here today but probably not tomorrow. This is a new concept for me, as I am a nostalgic poetic type who likes to drag it all along behind her, and also I am more secure when I think I know where I am heading. I spent time daily watching him work on this installation and I began to take some pictures when he asked me if I might write a poem for it. Then as it morphed and grew he asked if I would like to make a machinima about it, and I was so excited about that request I began immediately to compose the music for an airy, light netted  and chambered structure surreal  and hard to define..and then I was writing the words and it grew and changed slightly…then I was shooting a few scenes and before I knew it I had it almost all together, when I came the next day, the feeling had turned into something else..The build looked like it had eaten itself  in the night and grew into a hot plate of heaviness, with lava chambers, and wow I was so shocked, I thought, “Oh now I will have to throw it all out! This is not what I filmed or wrote about..Well we did that dance a few times, DB changing his mind and his direction, and this poet frantically changing her lines,trying to keep up. Then one day he said,”Well I will be done on Friday and I won’t change a thing after that.” and I said sort of half kidding, sort of not, “Well if you change anything after Friday, too bad for you.” He agreed on that “too bad for you” clause, and assured me the poem would still fit and I pushed ahead and finished it. So now, if you see this video and someday see the finished structure (which is being changed a bit more, no doubt, as I write these words) you will see my video has little to do with what was settled upon, although the very last scene is from the final stage, but it does bear witness and capture in words and imagery the process, the history, the magic of the flow of creativity. DB knows how to ride this flow and see it through to whatever it whispers in his ear it wants to be. I learned in this whole process of collaboration, how important that is, that both just flow and not try to set end-lines, or expectations, or hang on too long to what has been created, because no matter how beautiful, its time will pass too, and it will change into something else.. So on that note I invite you to see my video “DB Shoots DB” and then to take a look at the build in person when you can. His photographs of his past installations are both beautiful, dreamlike and almost futuristic and alien in feeling. I think Stanford University Libraries chose wisely when they invited him to create a space there for their RL event. DB’s artful build is the sweet delicious dessert that beckons and captures the imagination of anyone who is lucky enough to be invited to dine there. “Dessert will be served in the Library…DB Shoots DB”


I went back to have a look just as I published this post, and was not surprised to see an even more beautiful version of this morphing design. I include a few photos after the video so you can see the “final stage” to appreciate  what was captured in the video was only a few growing pains in its short but artistic life.

Dessert is now light and served on gold plates

Some thick bands of light captured a second before they disappeared

**There is no direct landing point by the way, so if you use the LM to Stanford University Libraries I have linked above, it will not take you directly to the build. Just fly up a little and look around, you can’t miss it.

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13 Responses to “DB Shoots DB”

  1. jan says:

    Spectacular!! You keep out doing yourself!! And now! to combine your poetry to the brilliant art of D B Baily…OMG…what a fantastic result!! Art dining upon art….and serving it up to we eager, grateful ones, hungry for food that feeds our souls…who then ‘eat’ it, rich full palate offerings…..with multi media deserts on many dimensions! Loved the eyes, and the lens transitions….the music was perfect…your seductive, velvet voice…delightful images both visual and audio….congratulations! A win-win on all levels!


  2. Thank you so much Jan for your glowing words..Yes it was such an experience to do this on so many levels. DB’s Art speaks to me too, ever since the first day I saw his Flickr photostream, I admit I got my “food addiction” to his colors, his shifting imagery and his spark of creativity which has started mine up when I was feeling my own poetic fires waning. I am pleased too with how it came out and technically, as it does seem I have advanced a little more since say “Too Far For Me” where my Huds and and half my screen scripts were showing:) Thank you so much, for being on this ride with me, even drying my tears when I thought I had to start over *smiles.. As an artist I love and respect, I am so glad you found this collaboration a “win-win on all levels”


  3. Theodore Hoppe says:

    This poem and the imagery of DB’s work reminded me of a chewy carmel, is so delightful as it tumbles around in ones watery mouth until it is somehow gone, leaving only the desire for another.



    • Oh Theodore, thank you so much for your “yummy” comment. You are right, I see the caramel now too in the imagery.and the poetry “It’s sticky…” but delicious and so is this build. It is still in a state of changing hourly, so catch it when you can and delight:)


  4. rag says:

    A feast for the eyes. You are the copywriter for DB Architectural Travel and Dining Tours. I wanna go!


    • Hi RAG, loved your comment..You better go quick, I think DB is about to enter a whole new era, and this build as it is, might not last too long:)
      says the copywriter:):) Thank you again for stopping by


  5. Joyce V says:

    Delightful AND delicious Karima! Thanx so much for that!…no time to chat….must ….get…..marmalade….


  6. Hoyt Heron says:

    Karima has done it again! Pre-Article…Film… Depiction of DB’s work…Music…Voice…Her far-reaching talent never ceases to amaze. How does she do it. Even she says she does not know. Her stellar work should not be overlooked. Who is this woman!?


    • Smiling at Hoyt, you might know this woman a lot better than most:) but seriously, thank you once again for your positive feedback on my eclectic creations. Your support has been so important to me, to try new things, your happiness with how they turn out, my stimulus to push new boundaries and keep on trying. Thank you for that..and for everything.


  7. A poetic narrative documentary? OMG… put this one right into your portfolio, Sissy. It is awesome! Several moments after viewing, I can still hear your voice “DB shoots DB” and that “camera flash*, and it may be awhile before the orange and crystal colors stop flashing before my eyes (lol).


  8. Haha Sis,,I just love your comments and takes on my videos..They are just all so uniquely you. if I could leave some post viewing imagery and audio memories in your mind ..well I think that is the greatest compliment. I am so glad you loved this one..It is one of my favorites too, just because it is so very different than what I usually do:)


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