Just Say “Yes!”

There is no doubt in my mind that saying “Yes” opens doors and saying “No” closes them. Sometimes the doors that open, might have better stayed shut, and sometimes closing them can get you in less trouble, never-the-less, I have always” been one who usually says “Yes.”
When Cisko Vandeverre from The Machinima Artist Guild (M.A.G) invited me to join the group, I didn’t miss a beat, I said “Yes” That was six weeks ago, and I am so glad I did. One of the benefits of joining a new group, are new friends to be made. Besides learning so much about the technical aspect of making good machinima, there also is the possibility to meet people involved in this world, who I have admired for a long time and let’s say from afar.
Hypatia Pickens is one of these, whose machinima poem,”Yeah” won one of the top ten awards for the MachinUWA IV challenge in Second Life (special award: “emotion”). I will put it in here for all to enjoy, and add that a wonderful new friendship with a fellow poet/machinima maker is now being forged and made possible by saying “Yes.” I also will include a few more links to my favorites of hers,  “What Isn’t Underneath”, inspired by the haunting build by Scottius Pole, “The Docks” which also inspired a poem from me (see link) and one of her more recent and beautifully thought -out and orchestrated, “Instructions From The Dead On How To Recall The Source Code”. If you have enjoyed these, please check out her Channel which can be found here, Hypatia Pickens YouTube Channel (textcavation) She is a sensitive, adept, and a very creative machinima maker. Her videos are both visually stunning and thought provoking and she has a pleasing melodious reading voice too. I am so pleased to learn from her and to get the chance to exchange those small details that make friendships grow.  I give to you “Yeah…” by Hypatia Pickens,

Oh… and here is my poem “Yes!” which started me on this train of thought in the first place.

for ayooni

You know they’re still talking about you
How you went wind surfing,
in a camouflage bikini
while they were bombing Baghdad.
The f-16 almost dove in the lake
trying to salute you with his wing.

I still hear stories about you,
How you stayed on and on
when everyone else picked up
their bags and left
for Amman
or Brussels
or Munich.
You trusted in your fate
and you were so right.

Is there any wonder I admire you?
One of the few in my two -page book
That can share a tale of honor killing
without judgment or flinching,
That swam peacefully in a compound
patrolled by tanks,
That set a table with cloth
For a desert dinner,
On a new moon night of stars.

This is why we must join forces,
why our destiny calls us
to the meeting
and we just say in unison
I have always said
You have always said
It’s the stuff and attitude
that legends are made from,
that makes a life
bigger than a myth
or a soap opera
or  reality show
bigger and better
than just saying

Tomorrow I will tell you about another new friend in the making, Natascha Randt, gifted machinimatographer, mentor, and moderator on M.A.G. to share a harrowing adventure with you, that I lived (and died), behind her, strapped into the co-pilot’s seat.
Thank you Cisko for the offer to join, so glad I was smart enough to say “Yes”

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