“Between The Profound and The Profane”

"floating between the angels and the beasts..."

I recite this poem to the music “Life Is.” by Runrig. Please click the link below to listen.
“Between The Profound and The Profane.mp3”
“Between The Profound and the Profane”

for B.
(to The Music “Life is” by Runrig)

Now is the time because where we are is the place,
standing in the intersection of the profound and the  profane
I watch you carry a soul under your Adam’s rib cage,
holding it just right, careful  that it’s not too tight,
for soon it will take flight
and fly away.
But after all is said and done,
you really are the only one.
You’re the soul carrier today.
You’re the sole carrier today.

I always knew it would come, but not sure how
floating between the angels and the beasts,
I feel my legs grow light as air and you now carry me.
Holding me just right but not too tight,
we both know I might take  flight
some unexpected day,
in some unexpected way.
I trust and so I take your hand, your wish is my command
You’re my sole carrier today.
You’re my soul carrier today.

If we are empty and have nothing to grab on to
we will drown in the first spring rain
and we will look upon those on shore,
dry and steadfast, strong and standing,
and we will feel confused, perhaps angry, with little understanding,
as we are swept down stream, into a meaningless, pointless dream.
But you are full, and blessed with blessings
You could carry all their souls to safety… if they’d only say,
“Please, would you be my soul carrier today?”

Some of us have strong hind legs, and some of us have detachable wings
and some of us have neither, we have nothing,
so we don’t  feel and we can’t believe.
It’s our paradox, our trapped and tear-filled human tragedy.
Standing in the intersection of the profound and the profane.
I turn my head to look your way,
I trust and so I take your hand, your wish is my command.
You’re the soul carrier today.
You’re the sole carrier today.

Karima Hoisan
Feb. 29, 2012
Kari’s Pond of Peace SL

* Footnote to this poem. Sometimes, especially in times of emotional upheaval, those who believe in something, are called upon to carry those who are empty and have no beliefs. All of us, float somewhere between these two plains.

I once again want to thank the gifted artist Jan Betts for this small detail of a larger painting entitled “Speechless” Her amazing work, and her blog on it can be found here. When I saw this detail, I knew it was the one for my poem. You can see more of her art here at: JanBettsArt

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10 Responses to “Between The Profound and The Profane”

  1. Aislinn says:

    *.:。✿*゚‘゚Simply stunning !! Thank you for this treasure・✿.。.:**


  2. Hoyt Heron says:

    Your abilities with the written word are truly astounding Miss Karima..This piece leaves me with my mouth agape and wordless. Thank you!!


  3. Thank you Hoyt for leaving your comment and for always understanding my poetry on the deepest of levels..It has, and does mean much to me as you know.. Ironically, Jan’s painting is entitled that
    “Speechless” and for me worked so well alongside the poem and the music..You are are very welcome too:)


  4. jan says:

    Karima!! Once again… you reach deep into my soul… this poem, read with your velvet voice so filled with depth and meaning, and the perfectly chosen music to add to it’s poignancy…. i too am left speechless… and actually shaking. Got to me. Man when the force come into you… who knows what happens… i do know, you have something magic, Karima…. thank you for sharing it in all its myriad array! You are a fountain!!!


  5. Thank you so much Jan, and once again, I dug into your painted magic to tear off a little piece (this detail from “Speechless”) which had already figured in my machinima “Deeper” too. Thank you, for sharing your art!. I think the poem is one, that I felt very strongly while writing it, and when I heard the music by Runrig I just knew it went so well with the sentiments expressed. Your painting made it all come together in a total woven piece. So once again, your sharing helps and inspires my own;)


  6. Spiral Silverstar says:

    Karima, it is not only the words you share, but the intonation and the way you present these words that bring so much life to them. The background music is equally important to the overall mood and feeling, and you always select the perfect accompanyment. Thanks for sharing with us!


    • Spiral, thank you so much for leaving your comment on this one. You also have an excellent ear for music, and always find the right one for your beautiful machinimas.(and copyright free too..which is one up on me for my readings:) It is why I have taken to Garage Band composing, so I can use my own music for my machinimas, but as long as they allow DJ’s in SL I think I can pick a choice song by Runrig and weave my poetry over it, and perform it in-world… Hope so:)


  7. Karima !
    Soo glad, you invited me to read this poem ! I think, I don`t need to repeat, how deep your words , written and spoken, are touching me. As if my soul had found an expression, she was searching for. So wonderful familiar ……And deep inside, I`m still trembling….your echo ****


  8. Abrazos amiga,
    you have always been a sensitive receptor for my words, beginning with “The Colored Dreams” and it is always a joy to read your comments. Your own visual art has inspired my poetry more than once, and knowing how deeply you feel my words, is a true gift for me as a poet. Gracias mi amiga del Sur:)


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