A Re-Cap of Karima’s May 3rd Reading at Poetry Reflections Costa Rica Sims

I enjoy doing poetry readings in Second Life. As a performing poet for the last two years in  virtual salons, and venues, I have come to see that some readings have a magical after- glow. All of them I find rewarding, because as I said in my introduction there on Costa Rica Sims, if the audience  is willing to open up their poetic chambers that all hearts do have, and  just see if perhaps,  some of my words resonate inside them, then they have filled my wishes, because it’s why I am here and keep coming back. It’s about making that emotional connection through music, imagery and most importantly the spoken word.
I will let the photos speak for themselves, but it was another magical event held in the elegant poetry salon of Costa Rica Sims..Thank you all for coming and here are some pictures to share with you, and those who could not make it. I saw there were 38 avies and 42 on my stream. The “more” truly is the “merrier” and I was  energized by the size and apparent enjoyment of the audience. I will include a link to listen to the entire reading, if any who could not come,  would like to enjoy it. Just click on  the link to play my reading of may 3rd. Enjoy!

Poetry Reflections May 3rd 2012 Costa Rica Sims.mp3

photo by Beeflin Grut

I spy Willy and Ashimi furthest right and visitors from Dakini behind
Photo by Beeflin Grut

I spy the popular poet/musician Rose Drop Rust
photo by Beeflin Grut

I spy Emile Sands-Stratten (left) and King Thommes Voyager (right)
photo by Beeflin Grut

The elegant entourage representing the Companion’s Guild and the Artist Isabel Hermano  third from left
photo by Beeflin Grut

The handsome, powerful, and perhaps dangerous Thommes Voyager (one of my oldest SL friends) My King for ever and a day
Photo by Beeflin Grut

Comfortably elegant, the guests did lounge and listen
Photo by Beeflin Grut

My lovely assistant Clytemnestra (left) and PennyLane (right)

“Too Hot For Limits”
photo by Beeflin Grut

Thanks to LunaelindaBranwen for these pretty belly dancing photos she captured

photo by LunaelindaBranwen

After Reading belly dancing
photo by LunaelindaBranwen

Clytemnestra and Emile
photo by LunaelindaBranwen

And then, as is the custom of this poet, to help her unwind after a reading, she sought out the next Tukso Show and hopped on it…and danced the afternoon into a foggy mysterious sunset at the Key West venue

“The Devil  & Tukso made me do it”
Devil and photo by Dale Innis

(L) Karima,Dale,Padula,Kiki and Kurt
photo by Dale Innis

Getting Down For Tukso..a perfect end to a perfect day
photo Karima

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2 Responses to A Re-Cap of Karima’s May 3rd Reading at Poetry Reflections Costa Rica Sims

  1. Marriellaanna Resident says:

    Karima this is the best event in our calendar in my opinion. (I probably shouldn’t say that or I’ll upset a lot of DJ’s). For me, It is the enchantment of the Arabian nights, the modern updated version of an oral tradition and story telling that once passed from one generation to the next and in that sense is enduring for your poems will long stay in my memory. It is by no means a virtual reality, yet the medium allows us all to share in an unforgettale experience. I am glad sl can facilitate and help share what is undeniably part of your soul.


  2. Aww Marriela..thank you so much for your beautiful words. For me too it is the greatest pleasure and I feel the privilege so deeply, the honor to have been chosen for these very special readings..I agree with you, It is like our custom in the Middle East of story telling which is still very strong today. I can’t wait until the next one, have already begun writing some new poems for it too. I love that Costa Rica has lent itself and opened its doors to this kind of very unique SL experience,


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