Tease ~~~ Tease ~~~~ Tease ~~~ “Blur” is Coming Soon ~~~~

Stop The Presses!

Remember that little poem that started quite a controversy in comments, that I posted last November  called, “Blur”Well the prolific and obsessed machinima team of Randt & Hoisan, Hoisan & Randt are in the final stages of finishing up the movie version of
“Blur. We were getting so excited about it, Nat couldn’t help make a teaser, to hopefully pique your interest too.
Are you piqued?? Let us know *smiles.
Coming to this Webblog and other YouTube Venues SOOOOOOOON……

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2 Responses to Tease ~~~ Tease ~~~~ Tease ~~~ “Blur” is Coming Soon ~~~~

  1. julie says:

    Yes, piqued…lol…such a teeny, tiny tease…:-) Turtle…


  2. Hi Julie…Yay!! It worked..Stay tuned…soon the rest will be revealed… Glad we got you curious:)


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