Will You Be My Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

I was asked to re-post my Valentine’s poem “Colored Hearts” as many said they didn’t see it at the bottom of the page about my live reading, and today IS really a nice day  to remember those multi-shades of love and passion we have in our lives.
I also share an .mp3 recording I did live (including my crash mid-way through) at DNA last Sunday sooooo please click on this hyperlink to listen to my poem recited to some very pretty Spanish music, by Johannes Linstead.
“Colored Hearts” Live at DNA.mp3
*I just realized I edited the recording so the rest of the reading (not just this poem) is on it… oops..but feel free to enjoy it all:):)

Colored Hearts

(for my Valentines)

hearts bouquet                                                        

I love You,
my colored hearts, for everything that You rarely show…
for all those doors that close when people walk too near
and You don’t feel  like trusting.
I love how You unlatch your locks, when You hear my voice…
that opening click and You whispering , “Come in”

All the colors inside Your chambers,
my mutant butterflies,
all that music, art and poetry
contained in the mural of Your lives.
Purple-hearted wounded one,
the deepest blue of true,
artistic passion, complexly red and brilliant multi shades of You,
Your confidence and recklessness to be just who You chose,
so much more than meets the eye,
so much more than any day job can construe.
And every heart has its passion its flower growing from a seed,
the need…
to find and make it work,
creating art from useless things, inventing poetry
capturing the tail of a jet stream,
or challenging those personal boundaries of speed.

Each has a hue that I cherish
each has a hue that I need.
You lace on shoes to cover miles,
pick up a brush, imagination and glue,
the teacher, coder, creator, filmmaker
edit, rewrite, redo,refine, re-fix…
speak in foreign languages to translate the matrix.

A bouquet of colored hearts,
gifted to me by the most generous giver
in the most ingenious way,
You make my words come alive,
You make my blood rise and ebb in tides…
You, You, You, You
my colored hearts.
Given by The Giver, who lays them across my road
one by one to find, pick up and hold…
Gathered  into this bouquet reflecting,
love and genius, the mercurial and ambiguous,
the long lasting steadfastness .
I place this treasure not on my table,
not on display
but way inside my own colored heart stretched wide,
to love and cherish
enjoy and share
the depth and the miracle
that defies defining who is the virtual You.
I just ask to bathe sometimes in each amazing beveled hue,
and contemplate the honor and the privilege
of knowing and of loving every single one of You.

Karima Hoisan
Feb. 5th  2013
Linc Island, Second Life

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4 Responses to Will You Be My Valentine?

  1. Nat says:

    A wonderful giift. Thank you so much Karima



  2. Tubeguy/Ron says:

    Such a fine valentine! From one with such an enormous heart! You are generous and profound with honesty. You see way beyond wireframe. Beyond awkward voices fronting huge emotions. Know your words energize from beyond. Beyond the seen. Beyond the easily perceived. beyond the easy cubbyholing. Beyond the simple and fitting into some stereotype. Beyond the expected. Beyond the shallow.

    Karimas speaks directly to hearts. Appreciate that. Honor that. Thank you, Karima! Know you represent the best Humans can think and wear. Know you have an honored place…..tg/Ron


  3. Thank you Tube, you are a colorful heart in this picked and chosen bouquet. Thank you for being so long lasting and so supportive of my poetry and of me:) Hugs, Karima


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