Karima Performs@Circe’s New Poet’s Sanctuary ~ Saturday~ Feb. 23rd 11:30 amslt

“Ohhh, another new venue for me,”she says excitedly!… and not only that, but a chance to read my poetry back to back with my gifted friend and fellow poet, Luna Branwen. What more could I wish for this coming Saturday at 11:30 amslt?
For me, who has been a sort of aloof- to- her -own -drum- beat poet  for the past four years, the invitation to read here, was a great honor, as Circe’s is the poet’s poetry place.

Circe's New Poet's Sanctuary

Circe’s New Poet’s Sanctuary

When Serene Bechir invited me, I didn’t pause a second, before I said “Yes!”
I quote her notes about this wonderful and magical place to hear some of the best poetry in SL.

“Up on the hill, overlooking New Brighton, strange things are going on!  In a grove of mushrooms, in front of a waterfall, people are gathering to listen to poetry being read in voice chat or sometimes on stream.

Originally the creation of SL music scene legend Circe Broom, this venue was specifically built for spoken word events and was first located on Laurel Arts Isle. When that sim closed a copy of the venue was preserved here at New Brighton thanks to the efforts of Leslye Writer, Stosh Quartz and land owner and builder Bernard Herzog.

Circe Broom passed away  on Nov. 30,  2012 but her legacy to poetry lives on at Circe’s New Poet’s  Sanctuary in New Brighton as those she encouraged continue bringing people together to appreciate and practice the art of spoken word.”

Here is the line-up for the whole day, and Luna and I will do between 30 and 45 minutes each to kick it off. I invite you all to come, find a mushroom, and enjoy our poetry. I will be streaming, and Luna in voice, both of us wearing our hearts on our sleeves and in our words:)
Oh and I wrote a little musical piece to my latest madness called “Sangfroid Sea” and will be performing it for the first time there.

Saturday Feb. 23rd lineup  (event is in voice chat unless otherwise noted)
   11:30amst -12:15pmalt Karima Hoisan  (on stream)
   12:15pmslt-1:pmslt Luna Branwen
   4:00pm Grail Arnica
   5:00pm  Julie Juliesse
   6:00pm Rosedrop Rust

Here is your swift and direct transport to the Sanctuary: Circe’s New Poet’s Sanctuary
Hope to see you there, Saturday Feb. 23rd… I begin at exactly 11:30 amslt!… so come a little early to reserve a choice mushroom:)

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