“Redressing The Classics” ~ DB Bailey Style ~ At Torell Nederland

"Wear The Classics in and on your head" DB showing us how it's done

“Wear The Classics in and on your head” DB showing us how it’s done

DB Bailey (David Denton Architect in RL) has a new build, a gallery that I am sure is changing as I speak, because for DB, nothing is ever finished, everything keeps, moving forward, changing, morphing, evolving. Like Life itself, his Art is always renewing, reshaping, and re-creating.
In his latest exhibition “Redressing The Classics” at Torell Nederland, I was the enthralled  witness to his process, once again, and contributed a few drops along the way too.

The first blueprints

Contemplating the first blueprints

It started off very blue, with blueprints, reminding me of such a far future-time, I wasn’t sure I could put it into words, but there was a runway, and a graceful Greek Temple strutting her stuff, thanks to scripter Dale Innis who gave her life. It is not every day we see a fashion show for Classic architecture, but DB decided to give us that day. I felt like a buyer very interested in acquiring the entire collection:)

The Runway

The Runway, A gorgeous orange temple begins her walk

“Parade and Shine! Dance! Prance! Eternity applauds and rejuvenates.”

Applause! Applause!

Applause! Applause!

“Shot so far into the future, fashion comes back with blueprints to re-birth Civilization.

DB hung  a few of these quotes of mine around;impressions from immersing myself for long periods of time in this mad burst of creativity.

Friday March 1st was the opening

Friday March 1st was the opening

So, with Friday being the opening, DB of course decided to change everything Thursday night, giving the “finishing” touches Friday morning. I suggested to him that it might be better if he were banned from coming in, until the hour of the opening, as it had morphed into something else, yet very worth saving (at least a few hours)
He had been looking at Angelyne Billboards the night before, and went all Hollywood pink, and 60’s bright, building in Ultra settings with shadows, it was absolutely gorgeous!


Absolutely Breathtaking colors and textures

Twisting the night away

Twisting the night away


DJ Ray spun some perfect tunes for the decade too, and everyone danced!

Classic pink

Classic pink and turquoise yum yum


DB in dark turtle neck twisting in rebellion to his own stream of color

“Classic is not stagnant but a fluid, changing peak for all new dreamers to climb.”

I want to congratulate DB on his, once again unique build and concept, and give a big thanks and hugs too, to JanFolkert and Ellenilli owners of Torell Nederland, who invited him to build on their beautiful sim for the Arts.
Come visit soon, and stop by Poetry House, to see some of my poems showcased there along with JanFolkert’s.
Welcome to the neighborhood DB!!
Here is your TP to the upper level and DB’s Gallery “Redressing The Classics”

The Classic Style ala DB

The Classic Style ala DB




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6 Responses to “Redressing The Classics” ~ DB Bailey Style ~ At Torell Nederland

  1. ellenilli amsterdam says:

    Thanks Kari nice pictures.. your sweet words flatter me 🙂


    • Thank you Ellie for commenting. I could think of many more flattering words, because your patronage is very much appreciated by those with talent for creating Artistic works that are a big step above the ordinary…I am forever happy I introduced you and Janfolkert to DB and vice versa..was a good match for sure, and the proof is his wondrous build on your upper floor. Thank you both again, for giving so much to the Arts of SL, you yourself as an outstanding Artist/photographer, and Jan as the gifted poet,both such generous patrons of the Arts


  2. Dale Innis says:

    Sorry RL didn’t allow me to be there for the opening, but the pictures are great, and it was a pleasure to contribute in a tiny way with a make-the-temple-walk script or two. 🙂 DB is unique!


  3. Yes and Yes and Yes… Thanks again for all your help Dale..was much appreciated!


  4. This was a lovely opening. I so enjoyed being there and being engaged with the forms, colours, and movement of it all! The poetry was, just as I anticipate, a joy to explore.
    Thank you for inviting me!


  5. Ohh Mireille my pleasure..we danced, and enjoyed and the set was gorgeous.What a way to spend an hour with friends!! Good music and beauty surrounding and abounding..plus, we are all such good dancers..aren’t we? *smiles


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