Ending On A Small Note…Re-Cap Of The Tiny Reading May 17th

I love giving poetry readings in Second Life. I suffer stage fright every time, but once I say “Hello,” I find I am just “doing it and loving it.” Reading at Anrod’s Art Garden last Saturday was a very special treat for me. It was to be my last reading before my break from performing. It was so nice to read to people who had never heard me before, and also to see my friends, many who came as tinies, there to support me.
I am going to let the pictures and the recording speak for themselves. If you missed it, you can hear it on my mp3 link and the pictures are worth a thousand words. Thanks again to Natascha and Dale for taking the time to snap them and send them to me;you guys are the best!!
In my book, this first picture of Natascha taken by Dale, is one of the funniest shots I have seen in a long time..Nat assured me she “came in peace”…but uhmm I don’t know....
Click on the mp3 link below to hear my 30 minute reading:
Tiny Reading by Karima Hoisan.mp3

"We come in peace..."

“We come in peace.”…..Not


Little Asst. Dale, Luna and Tubeguy photo by Dale


Precious in Petite-Shesa (L) and Gamma (R) photo by Dale


Luna looking Awesome!! photo by Dale


Your Poet, a Mermpard with stage fright, photo by Dale


Feline MJ, Luna the Dragonette and Biggie Tube behind- photo by Dale


I greet Hoyt, who sacrificed his body to attend , Androd and small guests-photo by Dale


Our handsome host(L) and friend (R) photo by Dale


Pretty and welcoming Photo by Dale


Anrod Meads, Owner, Artist and elegant Host of the event


My little hedgehog helper who never missed a cue -photo by Dale Innis


Some illustrious attendees – photo by Dale Innis


Pretty in Green in the Garden scene- photo by Dale Innis


A lovely fairy- fae  thinking about playing some basketball afterwards- Photo by Dale


Oh Hoyt!! At least he kept his head about him:) photo by Nat



Shesa and Gamma the one and only! photo by Nat


From the audience, your poet- photo by Nat


Careful of those grass stains little one -Photo by Nat


Great shot of the petites and body-less Hoyt-photo by Nat


MJ and Luna..best of friends – photo by Nat


The little gathering- photo by Nat


Sir Beeflin, my yellow twin- Photo by Nat

tiny reading_009_021


Kibitzing Luna & Dale- photo by Dale


Biggie TubeGuy-loyal supporter always- photo by Dale

Thank you all for coming. I hope to do this again! -photo by Dale

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10 Responses to Ending On A Small Note…Re-Cap Of The Tiny Reading May 17th

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  2. Was a really nice reading with a cute audience


  3. Cute, and a few were pretty scary (funny) hehe..Thanks for coming Nat and for the great pictures too!


  4. Luna Branwen says:

    This was a wonderful reading, Kari.. and the photos that Dale and Natascha got are great! Such fun! Anrod’s garden is lovely and you were a wonder to behold and hear as always.


  5. Aww Luna..you looked amazing and always love your being there. So glad it worked out that you could come..Hugs!


  6. daleinnis says:

    Tinies are such fun! If I had another few hours in the day 🙂 I would spend lots of time as a tiny hedgehog (or elephant or bunny or…) in Raglan Shire. It was a great performance, and I’m very glad I was able to snip enough time out of the workday to help out by clicking buttons.


  7. Well, you as a hedgehog, were the cutest and most diligent button pusher a crazy performing Mermpard-poet could want on her team. Thanks again Dale, for being there..and in such an adorable way too:)


  8. This looks absolutely delightful, Karima. And I missed it! *sigh…*
    How wonderful that this was special for you as your last reading before your break. I can tell that the sweetness of it will be with you all the while!
    Sending much love…and a warm thought of grace…and peace…


  9. Big hugs Mireille..Sorry you couldn’t make it, as I know you wanted to…It was so much fun doing this as a tiny and after my break is over..would love to do it again..and also…be invited back to Ce Soir too (hint hint:):) I Will be back…promise..:)


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