DiKaze Cuban Bolero Club for Tinies…Now Open For Business!

Well… we have very wild boat rides…

Wild rides,

Wild rides,

Much wilder than it looks here

Much wilder than it looks here

because of terraforming coastline flaws..much much wilder than it looks

because of terraforming coastline flaws..

much much wilder than it looks here.

much much wilder than it looks here…dodging the breakers!

and we have other things, like dancing, and rocking and just being cute.



More dancing....

More dancing….



...just being cute.

…just being cute.

and very very cute.

and just being very very cute.

I blame Anrod Meads for this tiny bite, ( he didn’t bite me, but the tiny bug did)…and  when it bit, was sort of slow acting, but progressed quickly, augmenting, and I think has now become semi-chronic. The night before my reading at his Art Garden, (see re-cap post) while setting up with my small hedgehog assistant, I think I realized the allure, and the deep innocence of being a tiny. Maybe for me personally, it was the last frontier I had yet to cross in SL, after almost 6 years. I have tiny friends (thinks especially of Scottius, Mojo & Lucky, Kage and his quad partner Seth) but I never really “got it” until that night. After my reading, I didn’t drop my little Leopard avatar way down into inventory, but kept it close and at hand.

At The Biggie Bolero Bar

At The Biggie Bolero Bar

One night I jumped inside and invited my favorite dancing partner Miss Di to dance with me up at my Bolero Club. Tired of being underfoot of the patrons, I cammed below the floor and discovered a space, that if enlarged, could be carved out a bit into a Bolero Club for Tinies.. a few days later it was “Voilá Time!!”


Voilá!! and we have the ocean front right in our faces

Where do famous genius film directors vacation when they want to unwind from their last picture? Why to DiKaze of course!

casual and incognito, Natascha Randt

casual and incognito, Natascha Randt

And….where do famous Companions from Dakani steal a siesta beach-side?
Well….to DiKaze of course!

Pipe dreams and ruminations...

Pipe dreams and ruminations…

Join us! Come for a dance, or a wild boat ride, or just to talk to the owners, one who also being on vacation, is here quite a lot *smiles.

Your Host...

Your Host…

and adorable hostess

and adorable hostess

Come visit us soon. We have the best Spanish music stream in all of SL! If you are a biggie, just dance above us! Here is your flash-fast transport by sea “Kari’s Kantina del Mar/DiKaze Tiny Cuban Bolero Club”
What is SL about, if not about making tiny dreams come true?
All you need to use is imagination!

Come Visit Us Soon!!

Come Visit Us Soon!!

Discover the beauty of LINC Island..all public and all yours to explore!




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5 Responses to DiKaze Cuban Bolero Club for Tinies…Now Open For Business!

  1. daleinnis says:

    Yay tinies! (Does adorable gesture involving high-pitched sounds and waffles!) 🙂


  2. For Dale and Nat…repeating giggles..and waving!!


  3. Shesa Quandry says:

    Can’t wait!!! *Cheshire Cat smile* I hope little pink elephants are welcome ;o)


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