If You Thought You Had Everything….

I think I thought I had everything, until Natascha sent me a direct link to MarketPlace and told me “I had to get this,. I Had to!” Our director has a way with commands, as many of us have learned, so I considered it.  Well the price was right (0L) and it was in the very recognizable Torley Colors..so I obeyed her *smiles and made my purchase. Natascha was so happy I did, she tp’d down on me when I was afk, fasting in my hammock, and muscled her way into this picture.

You too can look like this. Are you tempted?

You too can look like this. Are you tempted? (Nat inside the avatar snapped this photo)

Flexi arms and an attitude. It comes in two sizes, one micro about the size of a newborn sand crab, and this bigger size.
Here are the details below. I am not getting a kick-back(a % of 0L:) but I see that SL has grown too big to know all on our own, what is out there. So just sharing what I learned today. Enjoy!
 Here is a short poem for Torley Linden
“Oh Torley you taught me SLeverything I know.
I doubt I would have rezed a prim if I hadn’t seen your videos.
You seemed so gender- confused, but brilliant in pink and green.
I will wear your avatar, and may that brilliance never lose its’ sheen.”

Pick Up Yours Today

Pick Up Yours Today

[LR]Ballus Avatar Torley Tribute – FREE

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5 Responses to If You Thought You Had Everything….

  1. YAY! And while you were afk, Wurfi tp’ed me, and together with Resa we made a short dance video, called “kinda Kulst – ballus dance” 🙂


  2. daleinnis says:

    That is hysterical, I love it. 🙂 Vaguely like my favorite “animated sock puppet” AV, which I have finally put a picture of up on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ceoln/9297948024/ ; sadly I think it’s not available anymore, or at least I can’t find it.

    I went around for a little while once as a shiny sphere, but that was too abstract, and I found it kinda grim and depressing. But adorable and green and pink; what could be wrong with that! 🙂


  3. Oh I love your sock-puppet Dale and now I am sad too they are out of stock;) Yes i think this avatar is just perfect for many occasions.. like a best-worst absurdly exaggerated mock disaster film about sharks and tornadoes is one that comes to mind 🙂


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