A Small Impromtu & Intimate Come-back

In my Arabic Salon

In my Arabic Salon (photo by Gamma)

Last night I had the pleasure of welcoming a small group of friends who were available to a not very-planned but heartfelt reading in my Arabic Salon.
It was intimate and cozy (about 15) and I hope to do it again in a few more months.
I will include the entire recording here below (just click on it) if you were planning on attending, and could not make it, or if you would enjoy hearing my poetry. I want to thank all of you that did, and a special thanks to Dale for being such a lovely and gracious hostess.
Including another picture of Gamma & Shesa who always light up a room when they enter it 🙂

Gamma & Shesa magic!

Gamma & Shesa Magic! (photo by Gamma)

Btw here is a little outfit Gamma made and sent to me after the reading. Gamma’s perfect sense of style and flair translates so well into his/her clothing line..and it suits me I think:)

Stars and Galaxies in the skirt

Stars and Galaxies in the skirt

Here are a few more photos from Dale, who was a very good multi-tasker:)

photo by Dale

photo by Dale

photo by Dale

photo by Dale





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4 Responses to A Small Impromtu & Intimate Come-back

  1. I am sorry Karima, that I couldn’t be there. But I closed my eyes for a sec and when I opened again, it was next morning. I missed it but listened to the recording and wow! You sound sooooo happy and cheerful as long gone. A great great reading! I really enjoyed listening to the recording. In my opinion this was one of your best readings ever. I wish I been present.


  2. Hi Nat, sorry wordpress ate my nice spontaneous reply to your great comment. I am sorry you couldn’t make it as it was in the middle of the night for you, but glad at least I remembered to record it, and you enjoyed it that way. Thank you for all your kind words about it too. Yes, I was happy to be back reading, and in such a cozy setting.I am glad you could hear that in my voice:) Big Hugs Nats


  3. Kyoko Sabahi says:

    Kari I just finished listening to the recording (thank you for acknowledging me …I really was there in spirit 🙂 ). Every single poem you read was a gift that touched my heart. I always want to make the words my own…that is because you know the heart of us all. and soul.
    Te amo amiga
    Abrazos! Kyoko


  4. Igual…Kyoko, alma tan sencilla y especial! You have always gotten my poetry, way deep inside your own artistic soul..Smiling..yes you were there in spirit:) So glad you listened to the recording:)


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