A Word On The Avi Choice Awards

First I do want to thank whoever nominated me in the Entertainment Category  for best female poet for the awards this year, and for everyone who cast a vote in my name, I will take it as a personal hug from a friend, but I will not campaign to win this. So many really excellent poets were not even on the list, ones who read and entertain on a weekly basis and have supported the poetry community hosting events and thrilling crowds with their poetry. I am just a “socially not very networked- unconnected- poet,”who has 72 Friends on her fb account,and rarely visits her page, who doesn’t have her own group in-world, or have a Twitter account and who will never win any Second Life Popularity contest, although I have crashed sims with my readings, and cried along with my audience when we  just connected all together in a poem. I love poetry. It is my Art  and I can’t help writing it, and Second Life has been my main fountain of inspiration since 2007 and 2009, when I began giving my readings on stream. So, thank you all who have voted for me, but just know, I can’t possibly win…and as a dear friend of mine said to me last night,”Karima, you don’t have to win.” I don’t… smiles and I won’t even try to. I am thankful to my muse for the poetry that pours out, and I am grateful to my small but loving and fiercely supportive audience who has been with me in my readings and on this blog for years. My film partner Nat was also nominated in the category of filmmaker and for me, as all know, she is The Best, but like me, will never win any popularity contests. So, thank you Avi Choice for the nomination..and I will make no pleas anywhere for votes. Just know I am grateful for those who did take the time, and for the nomination. Takes Nat’s hand in hers, we might be the biggest losers at the awards, smiles..but we are the biggest winners in our partnership of creativity!
Isn’t that what it’s really all about?

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6 Responses to A Word On The Avi Choice Awards

  1. daleinnis says:

    Very well said! These things that choose the “best” by seeing who can get (or bribe, or forge) the most clicks on some website or social media thing, always make me sigh. The connections, the art, the things that actually happen, are so utterly much more important…


  2. Oh my, yes Karima you’re right, but…..
    Voooooooooote for me, please vote vote vote, because I want that trophy…its like an election and see, if I am Queen Nat I. , The Great, hahahaha omg…
    Okies just kidding:) Sure it will be great to be the machinimatographer of avi’s choice and I want really thank the one or the ones who nominated and or voted for me. (btw. you can vote for me until Dec. 13th, hehehehe ) Its a great honour being on that list. And being honest, a big surprise too:) . So. When it happens it will happen, if not, not 🙂 I am just fine with that. On the other hand, when people nominate me for a contest like that, it says a lot. Really. And I like what it says:)
    And now it comes to what Karima wrote: “…we are the biggest winners in our partnership of creativity!” And thats really the truth!


  3. An upgrade:) I made a research about that event and found out that it is really cool. Because of the show the winners will be announced. Takes place at Dec 15th at 3pm slt. And you have to buy tickets for the live show (200-250L$). But all ticket proceeds will be donated to Relay For Life. Everyone who bought a ticket will get a gift bag. So. It’s not necessary to spam your thousands of facebook and/or G+ followers, to be the ONE. As they wrote on the website, everyone is a winner. It’s a win-win-win thing, more fun than eeehm serious. Just who is your favourite, not who is the best of the best. And so it is, as I wrote before, a great honour to be nominated!


  4. It’s all good Nat:)


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