You Have GOT To See This!!

Come See It Before it Ends!

Come See It Before it Ends! Last day January 31st

I know. I know…I talk a lot about Natascha Randt in my blog! Usually it is because we have just made another movie together, but sometimes, like today, it’s just to invite you to share in her wonderful creative gift and her collector’s passion in Second Life.
I wrote a post way back when (digs it up from 2012) “Just Say Yes! pt2” 
about Nat being a total “Transportation Queen,” and since then, I am sure she has doubled her collection of boats, planes, land vehicles, helicopters, you name it. If it moves, Nat has it.
Sooo, when The Linden Endowment for The Arts (LEA) was looking for a worthy recipient of a full sim for a month, Nat was chosen, and she wasted no time setting up her amazing exhibition. I have decided to not include the videos or photos, Nat has been making about it, to entice you to come personally and see her beautifully laid out and unique collection of transport. Her first love is aviation, and her airport has a tower to explore, and so many planes and helicopters, it will make your head spin. She dedicated the whole show to her good friend and fellow aviator, Walt Faulds, who passed away last year.
It is a stunning tribute both to him and to SL Aviation, the designers and builders of things we fly and float and ride. There is a temp rez where you can rez your own vehicle and take a spin over the drawbridge, down the highway,or take off on the runway.
Here is your safe taxi to get you to the airport on time:
Nat’s LEA 15
Thank you Nat for sharing this passion with us all!!
Avies! Come see it before it ends.

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2 Responses to You Have GOT To See This!!

  1. Oh you are very welcome..It is so well done Nat! I don’t think SL has seen anything like it:)


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