The Hudson Line on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand- Come Visit Soon!!

Welcome to The Hudson Line by Karima Hoisan and Dale Innis!
Even though there is still some tweaking and nip ‘n tucking going on, I think this new world is now presentable for the public’s (hopefully) appreciation. This project, was born from several conversations about commuting and loosely ties in with this poem I wrote last year entitled: Rivers From The Window.
I find the subject interesting; day after day, going into the city, a routine that living here, in a small train-less town in Costa Rica, will never be revealed to me. Dale has more experience, and so he shared it with me, and I felt I came to know a little more about the route that led to the fantasy you can now enter there in 3D style. If anyone really knows this line, you will probably see very few things you actually recognize, and a giant monopoly board between Tarrytown and Riverdale, I am pretty sure does not exist;) but the main thing after all is said and done, is to make Art out of Life, and this installation tries to live up to this objective at least:)

Bird's eye view from the fire-tower

Bird’s eye view from the fire-tower


Monopoly along The Hudson

Also, there is not really a fire-tower, which we brought in from Portland Oregon, but it is a great way to view the line, and pretty comfortably too. Lots of fun to climb up, and a little dangerous, as it is in the middle of a thunderstorm. I encourage all intrepid visitors to try.


Climb the tower for some great views

The main attraction is The Train..which actually runs, stops at different stations, and has an electrifying finale at the end-of the-line, so don’t stand up until you get there. It runs from Tarrytown into Harlem, and then descends into the tunnel at 125th Street.


Crossing the Harlem River

Once you have taken the 5-minute train ride, I invite you to walk around, and get a feel of the environment we created for that purpose. You can fish along the docks, read a few of my poems, have a picnic under the pines, or explore the little out of time and space cabin, that is diagonal from Yankee Stadium.

Gone Fishin...

Gone Fishin…

I think I will say no more. Please come and visit it for yourself. This is a collaboration made for the sole purpose of sharing it with others. Dale and I both worked hard in our respected areas..Dale made EVERYTHING move including the train, (which was converted from an Arcadia Asylum passenger bus) and was the great bridge builder,(made an ethereal Tappan Zee Bridge) track “layerer”, and sculpt and texturer… I just added my part, and there are lots of sounds, and little movie clips and decor and odd ideas to embellish the feeling of it all.

The Welcome Sign! Please take a notecard

The Welcome Sign! Please click for a notecard

As I say on the card:
Please turn on media to play automatically and sounds.
Each station platform plays a short video on the billboard there
Set draw distance to 350 +
Region default is early morning sunrise.
Use the teleport in front of the sign to go to the train.
Don’t forget to stand when you get to the end of the line

*A very special thanks to Arcadia Asylum and Linda Kellie for all their marvelous and free builds they share with everyone.
Here is the address to take you there:
The Hudson Line Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand

HG @ Hudson Line    (for all you pioneering Hyper-gridders)
Come Visit Soon!!

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13 Responses to The Hudson Line on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand- Come Visit Soon!!

  1. daleinnis says:

    Yay! I’m glad you decided it was done enough to announce, it is very cool. Much more interesting than the RL version :). I will mention it or reblog this or something. Great fun collaborating! (Everyone note that she had all the ideas, I just did some scripting and stuff…)


  2. Minethere Always says:

    Enjoyable and immersively interesting, as usual. Thank you Karima and Dale. I shared it around via g+


    • Thank you again have always been immensely supportive of all the builds. Kitely is a very special place to create our dreams..I hope to keep dreaming and inviting you to join me:) Thanks for visiting and sharing our new world too.


      • Minethere Always says:

        Region [or multi-region] Artistic creations are something I am always keen to explore. That is one of the most cool things we can do outside of the commercial grid types, for so little money, and without numerous other restrictive things.

        So I explore as many as I can and share them around…yours are always fascinating to me.


  3. Wonderful concept, and a fun ride too!! Thanks, Kari and Dale! Excellent build…..again! 🙂


  4. The Metaverse Tour went there today and had a great time. I’m a west-of-the-Mississippi girl, so I didn’t necessarily get all the references, but I love how you blended a tour with bits of art and evoked real locations. Great work.


  5. Thank you so much Serene for bringing your tour to The Hudson Line, and leaving this very nice comment on my blog. All my worlds on Kitely, have been built out of the possibility of creating whatever can be imagined (with a little help from friends, like Dale) and then sharing each one freely, with all who might stumble upon its shores.. I am so happy to hear that you had a good time. Please come back and visit some of my other ones too:) Peace and happy voyaging….Karima


  6. Renee Michel says:

    I have a Lisbon Trolley and have been trying to figure out how to get it to run on the tracks. I love your world and would like to know how you did it! Gallery No.8 and Town Center at Kitely.


    • daleinnis says:

      It’s mostly llSetKeyframedMotion between waypoints found via llSensor; I wrote the script more or less from scratch based on some prior attempts to figure out how best to do nice motion in Kitely. I don’t have a really generic version of it (the train script does some … special stuff at the end!), but I could attempt to cut it down to just what you want; we should talk! (Oh, and I found that as well as just the obvious llSetKeyframedMotion and llTarget stuff, I also had to set a timer each movement segment, because it seemed like sometimes the llTarget wouldn’t fire reliably, especially just after a sim restart, although I could never quite prove it.)


    • Thank you Renee,
      so glad you enjoyed it. My scripting partner will give you the details..Hope to run into you there sometime:)


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