What Second Life Means to Nat…(and I agree 100%!)

My only excuse for not getting this posted earlier is…well there is no excuse. I have been sharing this video of Nat’s  on a one -to -one basis, until I realized , “Hey, I have a blog!:) I can share it with EVERYONE!”
In honor of Second Life’s 12th birthday (Second Life 12B) this challenge was offered to all who wanted to tell their story, about what Second Life meant for them personally in a few short minutes. I am so happy that Nat included me in hers, and it was definitely enough for me to not have to make my own, because I agree with her 100%. So, sit back and enjoy what Nat loves about our virtual world…and me too..me too:)
HD and full screen always encouraged for your viewing pleasure.

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5 Responses to What Second Life Means to Nat…(and I agree 100%!)

  1. Thankies Karima for sharing my little video. And no excuse needed:)
    We did and do so many projects and brainstormings together over the years.:)
    Karima, you and your poems and your opinion and your humor, your being here, is a big big part of my second life. Sometimes I think we share one brain, with all the ideas and so on:)
    And that means alot to me!
    I always remember your blogpost “Just Say “Yes!” ~ Part Two” that let me smile:)



    • Oh my pleasure Nat, I was sharing it with all my friends one by one when duh..I realized it was a much better idea here:) I remember that blog post too..Besides crashing at high speed against sim walls 30,000 feet in the air..we forged our creative bond! so cool. I will add the url here if anyone else is curious oh this “oddball team” actually formed:):) Big Hugs and here’s to lots and lots more. You are very much part of my Second Life Natskers!.https://karimahoisan.wordpress.com/2012/03/02/just-say-yes-part-two/
      Here is where it started:)


  2. daleinnis says:

    Such a neat video! And Nat’s voice! 🙂 So much fun to hear. Yay for The Team!


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