“The Changes Changes” A Randt & Hoisan Production

This is our 20th collaboration!! It’s something we want to celebrate with all of you too!
(Clinks her glass against Natascha’s
..Here’s to many more, my creative partner!!)

Only 5  years after we started thinking about  doing “The Changes Changes”  and 8 months spent in production (only;) we can finally say it’s finished and  send it out to the world today:) As I said to Natascha a few times during this process, “What were we thinking?  This poem was a very complicated,  and visually very hard, to turn into a film..We had to make sure we had the same vision, to even attempt it, and  as luck and  more than luck would have it,we did have the same vision.. for almost every scene. I guess that is why this one is #20!!. We have and are still garnering experience as collaborators and have many videos behind us now, to draw from. What we didn’t have was a life size lottery wheel, lottery balls that could spin or dice dropping from the sky, or a big city set, moving traffic etc etc. We also had very few prims to work with, so when Mainland got their extra prims first, we asked our favorite scripter and part of  our repertory cast, Dale Innis, if he would like to lend us a few… he said, “Sure!” So we started building a Casino set high above his land on Hughes Rise and actually invented the first working lottery ball spinner..(after almost crashing the whole sim with a super uncontrolled spin that sent physical balls raining down over his lands below. (giggle) Nat built a great Casino building, while I worked on the intricacies of trying to spin balls around (on roulette wheels and in big lottery ball machine) Just right after we filmed there, LL announced that Private Regions were getting their bonus prims, and we decided to migrate the Casino and its interior to our home island, LINC Island, this time we were 3500 prims richer.. and in just a few months we upped the prim count again so, we decided to build a permanent working city above our public sim below and  share it with anyone who enjoys photography or making machinima. Nat has poured her heart out on this set..It came alive right before our eyes and with the help of Dale’s moving traffic, sounds, and city sights, this is not just a set, it’s a place to visit, explore and enjoy. LINC City above LINC Island can be reached Here: Ground Level Landing Point and choose, “Linc City” as your TP option. So here it is, our healthy baby (almost took the full 9 months:) and we present it to you happily..The proud parents of their 20th!!! bouncing baby machinima ..made by us without interest in contests or  festivals, rewards or awards..We do this because we love to and we hope you love it too:) To all our wonderful friends, our cast,and all who have showed interest in our other productions, this one is for you!! We hope you will be entertained, and feel the beat and the message..,because, “Hey, the changes changes everything..” Full screen, HD and Turn up the soundtrack!! Dancing is encouraged:) Likes and comments here or  on YouTube, as always, are very welcome.
Thanks to Dale Innis, we have a few pictures of our little screening for cast and crew.


The Changes Changes everything…


A small welcome in voice


3-2-1 Roll it!


Screening for the Cast at LINC City Cinema


“Hugs Nat! Here’s to # 21!”

Here is the poem, if anyone did not understand all the words or wants to translate it:
“The Changes Changes”
The changes changes, jingling change in my back pocket,

so shuffle the cards.
Sometimes it seems I was a co-star in this movie before,
when I had my suitcase, and a big bruised ego blocking the door
and each day was a lottery that I didn’t play,
and each minute they never called out my number.
If I had a two, they called out three, and it went on that way.
To state the obvious, I sometimes stand on red and sometimes black
and the little ball goes round,  goes round,
and everyone says I’m playing it fine
but I see it stopping… I just see it ending… my bad.
Am I the only one who sees it stopping?..who sees it ending?
Then one and one makes three, and the game is over and I call a cab.

I think the changes changes the billboards and the play,
and along the vacant highway walls, workmen glue a new one up
before they take the other one away.
It begins to look like a collage of some pasted posters present- past,
and the artist wasn’t that good anyway.
Then the shuffle’s in and I’m on the bottom again.
And the Director leaves and no one gives me my lines.
So this show is doomed to play out of town, sporadic, every off -Tuesdays,
and I lost top billing a few weeks back,
and could be out of work and in the streets tomorrow
crouching on the sidewalk gambling with my time.
Because the changes changes everything… I guess it’s all my fault… my bad.
Then one plus one makes three that’s how it adds,
and the game is over and I call a cab.

 The changes changes how I see it all,
and what we think is relative, depends upon the flipping of a coin.
Contrary to what we were led to believe, humanity inside a burlap sack?
It makes the sack worth less and I agree,
because  that’s an old wise Spanish saying,
but I will take it home with me… every time.
I will nurture scorpions and snakes until my nose is bleeding and my tongue goes numb.
“I’m a fool for love,” I shout it out, while I ride the karma wheel and the little ball goes round, goes round and I think it’s stopping,
but everyone says I’m playing it fine.
Then the changes changes my attitude,  
so that it’s hard for me to clearly see.
I don’t see the point.
I don’t see the joke.
I don’t see much hope.
And I don’t see that spirit running around that everyone says
 they all see, the one that’s very much a part of me.
Then one day,
when I am looking the other way, at dismal sepia-toned memories,
all of a sudden the changes changes everything.
I’m standing on black and and they call out “Black!”
Without buying a lottery ticket, I win. I win anyway.
I inherit a hope chest and it’s filled with hope.
Seems to be my good luck nowadays… so long…goodbye, my bad.
Then one plus one makes two, and I smile your way,
while you open the door for me, in the pouring rain,  
and the driver says “Where to? and we share a cab.
The changes changes everything… It changes everything

Karima Hoisan
May 16, 2012
LINC Island SL

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24 Responses to “The Changes Changes” A Randt & Hoisan Production

  1. Amiata says:

    Incredible and powerful! Congrats on your 20th!


  2. Henri Godenot says:

    Thank you, Karima and Nat!


  3. ceoln says:

    Reblogged this on ceoln and commented:
    Yet another Randt and Hoisan production that I contributed to with some scripts and other small ways. I definitely recommend watching it; all of this team’s stuff is great, but this is great even by that standard.


  4. daleinnis says:

    Reblogged this on Dale Innis’s Weblog and commented:
    Yet another Randt and Hoisan production that I contributed to with some scripts and other small ways. I definitely recommend watching it; all of this team’s stuff is great, but this is great even by that standard.


  5. daleinnis says:

    Another amazing piece, Nat an’ Karima! Tells a story, but in a deep and rich enough way that everyone will see something a little different, and there’s more to see on re-watching. Very impressed, and happy to have contributed my little scripts! :) 20!!


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  7. Made me smile, the ongoing pedestrian upbeat rhythm of the woman moving from somewhere to where ever she will find an oppertumity for a little something to to win. The hand of a child is easely filled.


  8. joeysl says:

    Wooot, congratulations to THE TEAM! Once again you made fantastic art out of ideas and hard work, amazing! I feel very honored having witnessed the making of your 20th film. As always you made everyone feel important and right at home while shooting the scenes. We had so much fun, so whenever you need an avi to stand around looking fine or silly – count me in 🙂

    Hugsss, Joey


    • Oh Joey, you are stuck with us now as a star in our repertory:) Always so much fun to work with you and laugh (as old ladies) too lol. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for our projects. It means a lot!!!!


  9. I encourage everyone to read Nat’s account of the making of our film, She has some gorgeous pictures,and a great eye for some fun details. Arm yourself with Google Translate, and you will enjoy her account!


  10. ronald174 says:

    An amazing production! This is getting pretty sophisticated-even by movie standards. I love that they don’t evade the dark themes in life, but just charge straight ahead fearlessly. So much passion! A real feel for “the streets”-the mood, the energy-the confusions. I loved the dancing scene which was incredibly energetic and “alive”. I love the way they play with the visuals-the dice, the shot angles- the whole mise-en-scene of it’s story-telling. Great powerful music. It is quite clear the energy, time, and love that went into the production are obvious. Very nicely done Karima, Natascha and everyone involved. Well done!


    • Thanks so much Ron…It was a true labor of love all around:) I love the dance scene too..I think I missed out getting credit as choreographer (or at least puppeteer:) You are one of our most fervent supporters and your comments are always so complete..You have an eye for details Ron, and you can communicate them so well. Nat and I always love reading what you see in our movies. Thank you again for coming to the screening and for your motivation and nurturing of our art.


  11. Maria Vought says:

    It’s been a while since I stopped by sis, but oh I am so glad I did! I love love love this machinima – I loved the poem already but how you’ve both made it come to life, and what a set, I will be visiting for sure. In six short minutes you build characters who are sassy, strong and filled with hope striding through life to that upbeat pulse you put through the music.

    It’s made my day and if ever I’m feeling down, I know watching it again will lift my mood. Thank you!


    • Aww sis..thank you and big hugss! Yes, I am so happy people are feeling the up-beatness of our message and the film. There are some calamities, but in the end, they work out just fine..Isn’t that the way it is? This was probably our biggest brainstormer…but as I said above, and Nat points out in her blog too, we seemed to almost always have the same or very similar vision, how a scene should play out. It was a smooth long labor,and we enjoyed watching it come together..I referred to it at times as “Our Humpty Dumpty” Nat shot over 66 Gigabytes of footage!! and what we used was just a tiny fraction of all of it.
      I recommend you look at Nat’s blog to see some great stills of the city. We hope to keep it up awhile.. Sis..so glad you stopped by.


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  13. Hoyt Heron says:

    Perfect! Soooo professional. Randt and Hoisan have stuck together, reached across great expanses, persevered, and put together two amazing and creative minds to produce a masterpiece! The writing, cinematography, set, and music are without parallel! ” And what we think is relative depends on the flipping of a coin.”


  14. Scottius says:

    Really amazing and ambitious work! Karima, your poetry and reading blend perfectly with Nat’s stunning visual work. Love the attention to detail…the many background elements add another dimension to this.


    • Thank you Scottius for dropping by and leaving this comment! Yes, both Nat and I really love the small details and it’s nice that you could see that. The City itself has so many..You will have to stop by and explore it sometime:)


  15. lunabranwen3 says:

    I love so many lines in this poem, “game is over and I catch a cab,” “Humanity inside a burlap bag…” old Spanish saying, and I am enamored with the layers upon layers within the poem brought to life in the perfectly laid out layers of video taping. You two and your combined talents are not only fun to behold, you’re inspirational! The story unfolds, the scenes set wonderfully, the entire set blows me away, and it blew me away to be on it. Honored to have a role in your film, Kari and Nat! What wonder and what fun! Hats off to you both! xoxo


    • Thank you so much Luna, for your wonderful comment that you left here and on YouTube! So glad you could play cards with us on this one (even if I did catch you cheating…kidding:) It is such an amazing experience to take a poem and run with it and brainstorm it into life..with a lot of hard work (but all of it fun) Nat outdid herself on this city set and luckily we will be using it in our next one..and we are counting on you, as a “Whale walker” (shhh) Putting a poem together visually is both challenging and rewarding..After 20, Nat and I are getting it down hehe…but each project is new, and brings its own rewards and difficulties until it is born..Magic!! Love having you part of our repertory…Virtual worlds make this all possible and good friends like you too:)


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