Our 24th Collaboration,”Derendered”

So…the screening is over..we all ate and danced too much etc etc.. now is the time to show off our little 24th newborn to those of you, who could not make it to the party.
As we wrote in the “desclaimer” in our YouTube info, this is a light- hearted -video made to entertain and asks the question: “Haven’t you ever wished you had the power to derender in real life someone or something….sometime? Be honest…haven’t you?

Someone from our cast said, “You guys make it look easy,” and being objective it does look that way, but when you break it down..there is always a lot of work to bring these crazy surreal words and ideas into visual scenes. I think Nat and I did REALLY a lot of brainstorming on this one..and of course found some challenges that required lots of thinking outside the box..(one of our favorite things to do:)

We took a little longer than we wanted, because 3 commercial movies came our way before we could try to finish this one..So the labor was long, but the baby is finally here and healthy:) Thanks to our cast and all those who supported us with their special gifts and talents, A special thank you to Menubar Memorial (Jason Rainbows) for his rainbow tears and once again for the great logo he made for us, seen at the end of credits. A special thanks to Luna, who without knowing we were doing this movie, gave me a Bubble Rezzer! Nat created a gorgeous city park and the venue where we held the screening, also appears in the video. Thanks to Nat, a new spot on LINC is born too, LINC Park Pavilion.

I think we might say this after we complete all our movies..but we say it, because it’s true… Thanks to all our friend-fans, family-fans, fan-friends who make us want to keep on making movies for their enjoyment as well as ours:) So  without you all..Nat and I would just take up knitting and that would be the end of Randt & Hoisan. Without further detours, I give you, “Derendered” our #24 and here’s to #25!!
As always fullscreen and HD and turn it up! Enjoy everyone. Let us know what you think…

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16 Responses to Our 24th Collaboration,”Derendered”

  1. daleinnis says:

    Sad that RL kept me away from this, but I hear that a wonderful time was had by all 🙂 and I see that the video is amazing! Everything the Team does is terrific; I think the really amazing thing is that every one is so different. Pure wish-fulfillment here 🙂 with some underlying deeper questions about what we see, and what we want to see…


    • You were very missed Dale,especially because you were,as always, very much part of our film, spending your evenings, for example, tying streamers on to whales:) and those scripty & sculpty things. You are right, the film in general is light-hearted without judging really, just everyone would have their own targets, on which to beam a definitive derendering ray:) Thanks for all your support!


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  3. Thats so true Karima, lots of brainstorming in and outside the box…And I think the capabilities, possibilities and opportunities, ours and the ones virtual worlds gives us, in and outside the box are far from being exhausted:)
    Like that German football saying: “After the movie (match) is before the movie (match)” 🙂
    And we always accept the dare:)
    And as I wrote in my blogpost, for me it is always a great pleasure to say:
    To all our Friends and Fans and Supporters.
    Without you, we, Karima and I (as she said) are knitting….woolen pumpkins:)
    Thats not a bad job, but I think we are better being called The Team! 🙂

    I think, or better I hope, that everyone finds her or his fav scene in our movie and if so, think about what really will happen when you derender them 🙂
    Like all our movies, this one has many levels, more than meets the eye.
    For me the flying whales are the BOAAAAH!
    Close your eyes and think of what will happen when those peaceful and intelligent giants fly through your street. Do you fear them? Will you welcome them? And much much more to think of.
    Showing the flying whales in a suitable way was only one of the challenges to cope with.

    Unbelievable that Derendered is our 24#. And much more unbelievable, we are on the way to 25# 😉


    • Such a great comment Nat! I agree with you..I think we have not exhausted our creative potential or the creative potential our beloved virtual worlds provide for us. People have asked me “Why flying whales?” I could answer..”Well, why not?” but I think it’s more than that.to see these great mammals of the sea flying over our heads decked out in streamers, parading though the city, dwarfing the tiny humans clinging to them on ropes.. it’s one of those Miraculous moments..the narrator is saying she loves to see. Somewhere we all hope to be witness to a totally impossible, against physics and science, against everything we know..event..Just a miracle..and we are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time:) For me those are the whales..as you say Nat..how would we welcome such an event? Lots to ponder:)
      So we take a day off(only one) and tomorrow we brainstorm #25…I can’t wait Nat:)
      Big Hugss …. and here we go again:)


  4. Joey says:

    Ah, there’s my cue: ‘witnessing the totally impossible’ … In SL we can be and do what we like. That right there is as marvelous as it gets.

    May I say I have very much enjoyed this machinima in all its riches: those of art, of imaginativeness, of colors, and of course of daring. Dare to object! To all the ugliness hurled at us on a daily basis. To the abuse of our souls and bodies by hateful words and deeds disguised as righteousness. Dare to derender and instead cherish all the beauty around us and within ourselves!

    I’m still cooking up a blog post with more Pictures. Thank you for a wonderful time and: Go Team!


    • Wow Joey I agree with you..our virtual worlds provide us with infinite possibilities.. for every project, dream, fantasy or even nightmares you can imagine:) It’s all there, just like RL..you choose! Was so great having you with us and I loved your photos of the event. I will put a few up here to share with my readers… and yes without trying to sound like a narcissistic elitist..there just are some things that are hurtful and annoying that keep us from seeing the beauty of our daily lives..and enjoying it to the fullest… Big Hugs Joey and thank you for this lovely comment.


  5. lunabranwen3 says:

    My message went missing here, so will try again. Hmm, what did I say? T’was delightful, and that I especially loved the line about “mixing tears with finger paints and painting parking meters.” Also that I thought the overall piece was compelling in the message, and brought to wonderful fruition through the sets, costumes, and avatar emotions demonstrated in the machinima production. Also said that I love the synchronicity of the bubble-delivery gift at the moment that happened. Concluded with, “Hats off to you, Kari, to Nat, Dale, and all of the usual suspects!” Wish I could have been there for the showing and party this past Saturday! xoxoxo


  6. Aww Luna,,wish you could have too..Sorry our whale walking shooting times did not coincide with your possible free time either..but you are very much part of our whole and as you say the synchronicity of your gift for me, was nothing short of a miracle:) So glad you enjoyed our 24th and hope to count on you for our 25th too:) Big hugs and many thanks for this comment. xoxoxxo


  7. Ilan Tochner says:

    It’s beautiful, as always, Karima. Thank you for continuing to make and share your art.


    • Thank you so much Ilan, and thank you for Kitey – Virtual Worlds on Demand that opens up even greater possibilities we can and do use in each and every one of our machinimas. Your comment and appreciation for our videos is very welcome.


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  9. DzinWiz says:

    Huge adoration and smiles for your latest brilliant production! The cinematography is exceptional, especially given that filming has so many challenges, but the cuts, the scenes are perfection – what an eye for getting just the right imagery married to the words. Truly impressive, Nat! I fully support ‘derendering’ in SL & RL and grabs my bubble FREQUENTLY (lol) to ignore that which doesn’t represent something positive. Karima, your words touch a universal core that reminds us we don’t need permission… seize the opportunity that is your right to ‘derender’ that which does not serve you and you will be happier (and healthier) for it! Superbly done, my friends. Always eager for the next… bring it on :)


    • Thanks Diz for leaving your great comment on my blog.You are right, there were Many challenges to overcome to make Derendered, but that’s the fun of making a video in Second Life. You have to improvise, invent and sometimes even come up with something never done before. So glad you had as much fun watching it, as we did making it:) Yes and Steve brought up that filters are necessary sometimes..and we do all have the power to say,”derendered;be gone,”I whisper” Big hugs and sorry your schedule did not permit you to take part in our production,,but we will call on you again and always love when you can be in them as well as love watching them. We are working on the next as we speak…:)


  10. Hoyt Heron says:

    The magic continues! You guys are such a talented duo. I so enjoyed the filming, the writing, the voice…The rough city scenes were so well done. And the colors were mesmerizing. My new word is “Derender..” So appropriate in our current climate. I love this film!


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