Ahoy Me Hardies-Recap of Circe Reading

Well the gentlemen & gentlewomen o’ fortune was out in jolly numbers last night, decked in their finest, mixed with some lovely elegant gentleman an’ ladies, an’ even some visitors from space, an’ a plucky jolly otter who sailed in ‘is tiny ship. It been me readin’ from the ‘igh seas at circe’s an’ it been well attended an’ so much fun!
Below be some pictures, thanks to Dale Innis, an’ one that there plucky jolly otter took with ‘is selfie ‘ook:) enjoy them, an’ I recorded the reading, if ye missed it, or want to ‘earrr one again..the ‘ole ‘our be there fer yer listenin’ pleasure. See ye next time I be in port!
Circe’s Reading From The High Seas (Click the link to stream it or download it)

pirate joeyz

Joey Pirate, Getting Her Buzz On Before Me Readin’

pirates scottius and dale

Pirates Scottius & Dale -Me Partner Hoyt Photo Bombing Their Selfie:)


Shesa Pirate with Nat, Joey. and illustrious audience


It Been a Jolly Afternoon With You All


I Spy Me Mate Mally From Kitely Shores  & Our Hosts Bernard & RoseDrop


I Be Recitin’ About Me Past Comin” Fer Lunch


The Clever Lass Dale, Flippin Pictures While Gossping With Scottius:)


The Sun Went Down And Me Little Crew Stayed Listenin”

Thank ye one ‘n all fer comin’ out to ‘earr me. It made me fill up with happy thoughts while I untied me ropes n sailed away.

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10 Responses to Ahoy Me Hardies-Recap of Circe Reading

  1. Steve Rogers says:

    That’s a hilarious attempt at the Robert Newton pirate accent. Nice try!


  2. Joey says:

    Was a pleasureful night, Cap’n, t’was!


  3. Was an amazing reading with many pirates and buccaneers. Worth to stay up in the early morning:)


  4. daleinnis says:

    Twas an event that will be talked of on late watches and around island bonfires, for many pirate years!


  5. lunabranwen3 says:

    Just listening to this tonight! Fun to listen, and envision you, and all of you pixelated wonders, there at Circe’s at New Brighton! Great fun with the piratical talk, matey! Loving the poetry and the music, and hearing you read, imagining the images you shared with the poems. Especially moved by “The Un-creation;” I do not recall reading that one before. Love the poem of hope inspired by Silas Merlin’s drawing. And, love the ebb and flow of your rhythm, rhyme, and re-markings. Glad you recorded this, Karima! xoxoxo


    • Aww Luna, sorry I guess I didn’t press return because I answered this the next day…So Sorry..Thank you so much for listening to the whole reading! It really means a lot to me. The Uncreation is an evolving poem..This version, included “Whole cities burning down to the ground” after the cataclysmic Camp Fire that totally destroyed Paradise. Thank you for your comment on Hope Is Found too. I can see the story inside that Silas saw when he painted it, The End of Hope, but I guess I just chose to see it differently, which is the really wonderful thing about Art..how 100 people will see 100 different stories. It unites us and also points out our unique perspectives:) Big Hugs Luna! Sorry for this late reply…


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