Back To My Roots in New Toulouse!

Poster 28042019v2 2

Poster by Natascha Randt

For me, Second life started really getting interesting when I moved to New Toulouse in 2008. One of my favorite people, that I met at that time, was Henri Godenot, now mayor of all New Toulouse and the Bayou. So when he invited me to read under a tree at his boathouse..well how could I refuse?
The gorgeous picture was taken (by Nat) where this impromptu Bayou venue will come to life on:
Sunday April 28th
12pm noon slt
Live Poetry Reading to Music for 1 hour
Reading will be on the music stream (Not in voice)
Dress for ground sitting and of course don’t forget the bug spray:)
I sure hope you can join us..It’s a fabulous ambiance
Sorry…Zombies are not welcome at this event!!
Here is your ferry that will drop you off at the dock: Ferry Ride
Don’t miss this one!!




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  1. sounds amazing do enjoy.

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