Type-cast by Love


“Amor” by Jack Vettriano

Type-cast by Love

Even the bad tastes good in my history
when I turn back the pages
and yes, it was all about love, all about
the many ways and forms I was molded,
shaped by love, by the sleepless nights
of loving and hoping to be loved.

A longer life than I sometimes admit to,
My Director chose the most wonderful parts..
and I accepted every one, because…
well I knew, I did not write the play..
Still I had themes just made for me…
amazing roles and I learned the inside
out of love and loss.
I was type-cast by love and I didn’t care.
Love, lack of love, more love than I knew what to do with…
I was up for each role..
even trying to stay within the rules.

I learned to love the loveless…
because I always could see inside.
I made strange choices, that in the end, turned out just fine..
When love is the compass, the North Star,
there is little danger of not getting to where you were going.
I never noticed details, that might impede,
On the contrary. I embraced each new script of love,
with a seasoned actor’s security….
Out of the corner of my eye
watching for the Director’s nod
and then….
I’d throw my whole self into the role.

It’s time to say, “Thank you,”
as my large reel is winding down.
Grateful for every walk-on, for every starring role,
I still keep that sign out in front saying..
“Free to be in the next production”
“Open for love in your upcoming show.”
I only work for The Best.

Karima Hoisan
Nov. 19, 2021
Costa Rica

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14 Responses to Type-cast by Love

  1. daleinnis says:

    Much applause for the poem, and all of your roles! I hope the current production continues for a while yet. 😁

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  2. KK says:

    A love soaked poem! I liked, When love is the compass. All the best, Karima for all your future roles and endeavours 👍💐💖

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    • Thank you Kaushal…there are so many ways to love on this planet…I am pretty sure I have experienced them all…or close to it, Alhamdulillah…This is maktoob…the fate of my life..I am forever grateful for how it has unfolded. 🙏❤️🌹

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  3. Nice! This was a great read, you really must have enjoyed every role assigned to you 🙂 Good luck for more success in the future!

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    • Thank you my friend!! Oh I did indeed….so many many ways to show love..As humans, we are very lucky to have this and I believe, experiencing love in all these ways, is a great influencer, on who we are..who we become in this life..Thank you Quranjavirus, for your good wishes..and I wish you the same:)

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  4. I had themes just made for me…
    amazing roles and I learned the inside
    out of love and loss.
    I was type-cast by love and I didn’t care.
    Love, lack of love, more love than I knew what to do with…
    I was up for each role..

    This is some of the best poetry I’ve had the pleasure of reading recently, Karima.


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  5. Jeff Flesch says:

    Wow. And, this is the best poem I’ve read all day. The way you create multifaceted love, and the willingness to explore and engulf the self in this love is gorgeous, Karima. So very beautiful, my friend. ❤️🌹🌺🥰🙏

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    • Aww you made me all beamy:) Thanks Jeff…and so glad you liked the theme..I mean in the end,,I really do think that this is what it’s all about..learn to love in the many ways, we lucky humans are entitled to, are even made for..It has always seemed a central and repeating theme to me, in our symphony here on earth.. Thank you for this beautiful comment..Have a wonderful week Jeff…so glad to be friends with you:)❤️🦋🌟

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      • Jeff Flesch says:

        I’m so glad this is so, Karima. Makes me smile deeply. Mmmm. Yes, I agree about love and human beingness, for sure. You’re most welcome. Always. Aww, thank you; I am so glad to be friends with you too. Honored. ❤️🌹🦋

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  6. jonicaggiano says:

    Lovely piece there must have been some amazing and wonderful times in there. Life goes along like a train and we step off and then back on after a while taking with us what we learned, loved and lost. ❤️🤗🦋

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    • Oh thank you so much sweet Joni and to nod my head vigorously with your metaphor..Life is very much like a train and for sure there were some amazing times mixed in when I hopped off for a bit:):) I am glad you enjoyed reading my memoirs on this subject:) 🤗🙏❤️

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      • jonicaggiano says:

        I love that “you hopped off a bit,” you are amazing. I adore your honesty in your work and in the deep inside part of us that many are afraid to show. You are something special dear friend. Sending my love and admiration. ❤️🤗🦋Joni

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