Happy Holidays from Kari

Last night I was abducted by a contraband  moonshiner gang, led by the very dangerous Henri Godenot, posing as Santa, accompanied by his rowdy  drunken elves, in the notorious town of New Toulouse.  As the sleigh, pulled by stolen reindeer, careened lost in the swamps and backwater bayous, we were attacked by zombies, almost drowned in the canal and were pelted by rocks by outraged residents. Lucky for me, my internet went down just when I had given up hope of ever escaping. I present a few quick snapshots I was able to get in the middle of my terror.

…and I heard him exclaim as he drove me out of sight

“Happy Holidays to All and to All a Goodnight!

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6 Responses to Happy Holidays from Kari

  1. Bellaluna says:

    LOL Karima, those images are awesome! Sounds like you had some delightful (er… I mean frightful, hehe) fun! Happy Holidays, ♥ Bella


  2. Chrome says:

    ..and all I got was a group of Christmas carolers at my door? (sigh…….:)
    May your holidays continue to be full of mischief and merriment. (love the new blog)


    • Thank you Chrome..coming from a very creative and seasoned blogger I take your comment as an inspiration to grow quickly in it too. As soon as I figure out how to make the widget work, you will be #1 on my blog roll:) Happy Holidays to you..Karima


  3. Burke Benoir says:



  4. bandbspiritualsupplies says:

    YAY! That was so much fun!


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