“Tukso! Tukso! Tukso!”

Tonight I had the extreme pleasure of going to Club Resin, Tukso Okey’s  brand new venue, to hear him perform. I admit to being a Tukso fan (more like an addict) for a long time now and even wrote several poems about how he moves a crowd..because move them he does! Oh My! This was an impromptu spur of the moment kind of show and yet by minute 20 he had filled the  dance floor.  MenuBar Memorial was snapped looking cool doing his slow Swampy Funky Blues Dance that goes so well with Tukso’s style.

Menubar Memorial Groovin' With Tukso

For those of you who have never heard him play, you are missing one of the most exciting Live Music Acts in SL. He is a mix of serious Rock, Funk and Blues and every show is an original. He works his loop station like  an orchestra conductor, adding layer after layer of sound, rhythm guitar, keyboard, bass, drums and then a howling lead that takes the crowd up over the top. His voice is sexy, strong and hypnotic. MenuBar calls his style “Psychedelic Swamp Voodoo” and that does come a little closer to describing just what Tukso does. I can promise you it’s magic and how easily the audience falls under his spell!

I hooked Kyoko Sabahi on my chim and we were transported along with everyone else.

Kyoko & I feeling the experience

Finally the music was just so fine I hopped up on the stage and played keyboard for the last song. Tukso loves the audience to connect with him in every way and his charisma as a performer is also blended with his very warm and welcoming way with his fans. He has star quality and yet is a down- to- earth-kind- of good guy. How blessed we all are to have Live entertainment like his to inspire  and fill our SL nights

Here is a great  video of Tukso and Seba Sideways dual streaming. MenuBar made the video magic

Below is a poem he inspired in me, at a show back in February of this year

Train Ride Down With Tukso
for Tukso Okey

When you take us on a ride
you move us on the ground,
like a slow- motion train when it starts  to leave the station
Then you ask us if we’re ready and we hook our safety lines,
and we strap  ourselves in right, and we know to hang on tight,
and of course we cant resist we have to go along right with you
and we just move our feet and trust it all
when *Bang* ….  you pull us


to the bowels of your guitar, to the sexy dirty alley ways
the girls showing what they got, while you move us past the bars
You play us humping passion and the sound is pure desire
then you throw us in the mix of it and toss us in the fire
where we cry and shout your name and beg you  “take us  higher”
Then you soothe us with your  words and you bring us to the surface
where we picture those Seattle girls.. New York returns with purpose
and just when we think its safe to look out and watch the ride
You plunge us off the bridge and we just know that we have died.
Your riffs become a whirlpool and we are sucked down in the water
where we gasp and call your name out while we flounder and go under


We are drowning in a sea you made of multicolored layers,
and those Blues along the bottom are just waiting to be players
and we  feel it and we die a little under dark fast waters
and you blow in us your breath
to save your moaning sons and daughters
and the bubbles fill our eyes so that we see what we’ve been blind to, and you pump us full of  visions, of  poetry and dance moves.
and you float us to the top where you spin us on the sunrise
and the little bubbles tickle  and we go,”Wow” as we materialize.
Then you sit us down inside the train, that returns back to the station
with carloads of mind blown travelers, who check time schedules
to catch  the next one….

Karima Hoisan
Feb.26, 2010
Misty  Shores Renacer SL

“Tukso! Tusko! Tukso!”

Join his group,catch a show and “feel the experience”

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